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Latest: Billabong Furnace Wetsuit Range

Billabongs Furnace Wetsuit Range will have you warmer faster, for longer Read article


Billabong Absolute Wetsuit

Billabong Absolute Wetsuit Range

The Absolute collection from Billabong combines both value, performance and thickness for every season.

Billabong Synergy Wetsuit

Billabong Synergy Wetsuit Range

The Synergy range by Billabong is not only stylish and functional but also great on value

Billabong Graphene Wetsuits

Billabong Graphene Wetsuits

The future of wetsuit technology with Billabong's Graphene-lined suits. Unmatched warmth and flexibility for endless waves.

Billabong Natural Rubber Wetsuit

Billabong Natural Rubber Wetsuit Range

The movement towards sustainable surfing with Billabong's natural rubber wetsuits. Ethical, flexible, and performance-driven.

Billabong Foil Wetsuit

Billabong Foil Wetsuit Range

Top-tier performance without breaking the bank with Billabong's Foil series. Sustainable, warm, and wallet-friendly.

Billabong Youth Wetsuit

Billabong Youth Wetsuits Range

Young surfers to premium warmth and style with Billabong's Grom line. Built tough for the next generation of wave riders.

What's the Difference Between a Swim and Surf Wetsuit?

A breakdown what makes a swim specific wetsuit stand out.

WSO Guide: Choosing a ZONE3 wetsuit

Open water specialists - Enhancing performance, comfort and self confidence.

Surfer in a warm Billabong wetsuit

Top 5 Warmest Winter Wetsuits

Seriously toasty rubber that?s on our radar.

Surfer wearing a Nyord wetsuit

Which Nyord wetsuit is right for you?

We caught up with new brand Nyord, who talked us through their new wetsuit ranges and how to pick the right one for you.

Wetsuits: How to Measure Yourself

The Ultimate Guide to Measuring Yourself For The Right Wetsuit.

Wetsuit Guide: Know Your Brand Measurements

Ensure the Perfect Fit

Surfer in wetsuit

Wetsuit Repair Guide

How to make your wetsuit last a little bit longer

wetsuit storage ideas

A guide to wetsuit storage

Our tips for looking after your wetsuit in between sessions.

Wetsuit Guide: When to wear booties, gloves and a hood

Hint: When It's Cold!

person surfing

How To Measure Yourself When Buying A Wetsuit

The ultimate guide to measuring yourself for a wetsuit

person with surfboard

Guide to different wetsuit zips

Which style of wetsuit zip is best for you?

Wetsuit Thickness Guide

The Ultimate Reference to Wetsuit Thickness

Surfer in eco wetsuit

Our Favourite Eco Wetsuit Brands

We caught up with Jemma, our Wetsuit Buyer, to find out which brands have been doing what when it comes to wetsuit eco technology

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