Getting the right fit for your wetsuit

If you’re new to buying a wetsuit, may have changed size slightly since purchasing your last wetsuit, or have decided it’s time to switch brands, then it’s crucial you have the perfect fit. If you get it wrong and decide to head out into the surf, chances are it’s going to restrict your ability if it’s too tight or allow water to seep in if it’s too large.

In the clip below, our resident neoprene expert Will gives his advice on what to check for, when figuring out if your wetsuit is fitting properly. Will gives his tips wearing a Rip Curl E-Bomb.



Step 1: Check the height of the wetsuit and make sure it isn’t pulling anywhere. It should feel comfortable from the ankles to the waist, and also around the crotch and waist area.

Step 2: From the waist upwards, pull the neoprene away from your body to ensure it’s sitting in the right position.

Step 3: Check the wetsuit isn’t pulling too much against your chest and neck.

Step 4: Make sure have ‘some’ bunching of neoprene underneath your armpits. This will allow for freedom when paddling. Note: If it’s too tight, it will restrict your paddling movement and if is there’s too much neoprene bunched up, water may seep in.

Step 5: Check your back. The wetsuit should follow the curve of your spine. Note: If there is too much space between the curve of your back and the neoprene, it will fill up with water. This will inevitably add weight and eventually lead to exhaustion.

Step 6: Make sure you can lift your arms directly above your head, be able to bend forward and touch the floor, and also moves from side-to-side. If that’s all good, then you’re all good to go surfing!

When trying on a wetsuit, it’s normal for it to feel tight against the body, however, it only becomes an issue when it begins to restrict your movement and feels as if it’s digging in around the seals – particularly the neck.


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Updated on 17th September 2021

Originally published on 18th September 2018 in Wetsuit Guides

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