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A guide to wetsuit storage

The days when you’re wearing your wetsuit are definitely the most fun, but sadly there are also days when you’re not wearing your wetsuit, and on those days you need to store it somewhere. This might not seem like such a big deal, but we’re all about making sure you can make the most of your kit, and making it last as long as possible is a big part of that. If you come in off the waves, ball your wetsuit up and chuck it in a corner until you next need it, it won’t last that long.

So here’s our tips for storing and looking after your wetsuit properly.

Wetsuit drying tips

After properly rinsing off your wetsuit (you can read more about that in our wetsuit care guide), you need to hang it on a sturdy hanger, ideally away from too much sunlight, until it’s fully dry.

Investing in a wetsuit hanger is a good idea here, as they’re designed to take the weight of a sodden wetsuit and won’t stretch the suit. Normal, narrow clothes hangers are no good. The weight of the suit will put a lot of strain on the shoulders if you hang it like you would any other item of clothing, and a thin hanger will end up stretching the material around the shoulders.

If you don’t have a wetsuit hanger, hang your wetsuit in half over a normal hanger (as long as it’s strong enough to take the weight, but you’ll figure this out pretty quickly). This will avoid putting too much strain on one area of the suit while still enabling it to dry properly. Once the outer side is fully dry, you should flip it over to allow the side that was against the hanger to dry out completely too.

Wetsuit storage tips

Once your wetsuit has dried out, it’s actually a good idea to leave it on the hanger until your next session. Keep it in a wardrobe, shed or garage – anywhere cool and dry – until you next need it.

We don’t recommend folding or stuffing your wetsuit into cramped spaces as this can cause creases and damage to the suit.

It’s also best to avoid leaving your wetsuit in direct sunlight as much as possible.

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Published on 23rd December 2020 in Wetsuit Guides

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