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Which Nyord wetsuit is right for you?

We caught up with our good friends at Nyord, who talked us through their new wetsuit ranges and how to pick the right one for you. Known for their accessible, well-made wetsuits, the brand has bolstered their offerings with summer and winter suits added to the range. 


A common theme

Every Nyord wetsuit is made of a super stretchy limestone neoprene that delivers great flexibility and reduces Nyord’s reliance on oil by replacing traditional petroleum-based neoprene.

All Nyord wetsuits also have glued and blind stitched (GBS) seams, as well as taping on the critical seams that get put under the most pressure. The watertight seal provides extra warmth while the taping improves durability. They all have anti-slip ankle and wrist cuffs that stay put and create a watertight seal to minimise water flushing through the suit. Lastly, every wetsuit has a glideskin neoprene neck that’s a very stretchy and comfortable type of neoprene. It sits snugly against the skin to prevent cold water from flushing down your neck.



Season: Spring - Summer
Styles available: Shorty, Long John, Chest Zip
Price range: £59.95 - £99.95

The Nyord Tempus range presents a solid framework of suits to see you through until September (October even). With such a wide range of styles, fits and thicknesses, you can easily dip in and out of the range as you see fit. 

They’re super stretchy, warm but not too warm, competitively priced, and crafted from the same high-end limestone neoprene as the more expensive Furno range. Utilising flatlock seems in favour of GBS (glued and blind stitched), you're provided with improved breathability and flexibility.



Season: Spring - Summer
Styles available: Back Zip, Chest Zip, Wetsuit Accessories
Price range: £124.95 - £139.95 

Ideal for newbies or occasional summer surfers, the Furno range delivers a great balance of value and quality, incorporating some high-end features at an affordable price.

This range is lined with a fast dry jersey lining that speeds up drying time between sessions so you can get back out in the water faster. The back zip entry is also worth mentioning for those that prefer this style of wetsuit.


Furno Warmth

Season: Spring - Autumn - Winter
Styles available: Chest Zip
Price range: £149.95 - £159.95 

The Furno Warmth range comes in two different thicknesses: 4/3mm and 5/4mm. The 4/3mm is a great wetsuit for surfing from mid-spring through to autumn. Whereas the 5/4mm can be worn through the winter months as well.

Balancing comfort and warmth with flexibility, Nyord’s mid-price wetsuit is a great all-rounder. The plush internal lining on the chest and back panels is an upgrade from the Furno range. The Furno Warmth also utilises a higher stretch and more durable taping on the critical seams. The chest zip entry system ensures more flexibility across the shoulders than a back zip, and less chance of water seeping in. 


Furno Ultra

Season: Autumn - Winter
Styles available: Chest Zip
Price range: £169.95 - £199.95 

The Furno Ultra stands as Nyord’s top of the range wetsuit (with the addition of the Ultra Plus). Perfect for summer surfing with a warm enough lining to take you through spring and autumn too.

Designed for ultimate surfing comfort, Nyord’s premium wetsuit is loaded with high-end features. The Ultra has everything the Warmth range has but with an upgraded lining. The Ultra lining is super warm and plush, whilst holding onto minimal water for a quicker dry time.


Furno Ultra Plus

Season: Winter
Styles available: Chest Zip, Hooded
Price range: £239.95

If you surf most weeks and you’re looking for a top-quality wetsuit for cold water surfing that doesn’t break the bank, then look no further than the Furno Ultra Plus. 

Designed to see you through winter, this cold water range has fully taped seams to provide a watertight and durable seal, as well as anti-slip ankle and wrist cuffs to prevent water from flushing your suit. The super-stretchy limestone neoprene, combined with their warmest internal lining from chest to knee, provides great insulation without restricting movement.


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Updated on 10th January 2024

Originally published on 11th May 2022 in Wetsuit Guides

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