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With so many great kayaks on the market, you may need a little help narrowing it down. Read article


Essential Guide to Buoyancy Aids

Everything you need to know about buoyancy aids


Top picks: Drybags

Drybags are always useful when you're afloat or on the beach, so here's our best ones.

White water kayaker

Winter clothing for white water kayaking

Our top tips for keeping warm on the rapids

O'Neill rash vest

Base Layer vs. Rash Vest: What's the difference?

When should you wear a base layer and when should you wear a rash vest?

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How to get into whitewater kayaking

Everything you need to know about making the leap from flat water to rapids

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A beginner's guide to kayaking

What is kayaking? Our brief introduction to this hugely versatile paddle sport covers all the basic knowledge you'll need to get started, including where you can learn to kayak, what to wear and what to think about when buying your first kayak.

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Care for your drysuit and it will care for you...

Wetsuit Outlet's most inspirational women in watersports

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The Top 3 Water Sports To Get Fit

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Helmets - Why Wear Them for Watersports?

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Top Three Places to Kayak in the UK

A stay-cation never looked so good...

How To Choose A Kayaking Buoyancy Aid

Safety Comes First

Drysuits You Need

Hot Black Friday Offers!

Kayak Gear Guide

Here's all you need for a good paddle.

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Which kayak paddle should I use?

And you thought choosing a kayak was hard!

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How to layer up under your drysuit to keep warm

What to wear under your drysuit in winter

Life jackets, buoyancy aids and impact vests: The difference?

The ultimate spotting the difference guide!

Why you should get an Inflatable Kayak

There's always debate around hardshell vs. inflatable kayaks, and both have benefits, but we're big fans of the blow-up variety. Learn how an inflatable kayak makes paddling adventures easier and saves investing in a kayak trolley or roof rack!

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