Latest: The Best Sailing Jackets for Winter

Whatever your budget, we'll keep you warm this winter... Read article


Life jackets, buoyancy aids and impact vests: The difference?

The ultimate spotting the difference guide!

Wetsuit Guide: When to wear booties, gloves and a hood

Hint: When It's Cold!

Person kayaking

An Introduction To A Drysuit

If you want to stay on the water when the weather turns, a drysuit is a great idea - whether you're kayaking, sailing or kitesurfing. We explain what a drysuit is, what to wear with it and what to look for when you're buying your first one.

Southampton Boat Show 2018

All you need to know about the boating festival of the year...

Sailing Kittiwake - How to Fish from a Sailboat

Ryan's top tips will stop you going hungry at sea!

An interview with Kyle Stoneham

Moth Sailing's finest...

A VIP Experience at the Extreme Sailing Series

As told by competition winner - Jess Huxley

Sailing Kittiwake - How to Anchor in High Winds

Man vs Wind - Ryan shows us how to ensure Man always wins...

Sailing Kittiwake - Sunglasses for Sailing

We've enlisted Elena to help you find the perfect pair...

A look back on the F18 World Championship

From the words of moth sailor Kyle Stoneham...

Sailing Kittiwake - Choosing a Dinghy

Hard or Inflatable?

Sailing Kittiwake - How to Passage Plan

The Ultimate Guide to Passage Planning

Sailing Kittiwake - How To Use Different Communication Devices

The Ultimate Guide To Staying Connected When Sailing

Cowes Week 2018

Get ready for the world's largest sailing regatta with Musto!

Sailing Kittiwake - How to Downwind Sail

The Ultimate Guide to Downwind Sailing

The Noble Allen 2018 International Moth UK Championship

Foiled Again - The International Moth Fleet Entertains in Thorpe Bay

WIN Platinum Tickets to the 2018 Extreme Sailing Series!

The Ultimate Zhik Sailing Giveway!

Sailing Kittiwake - Essential Accessories for Summer Cruising

What do you need for the ultimate summer sail?

Round the Island Race - Are You Competing This Year?

Our Picks for a Great Sailing Event

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