The responsible way to upgrade your wetsuit

Creating new from old

More than 1m wetsuits (that's over 8,000 tons of neoprene) go to waste every year. Neoprene is an exceptionally difficult material to recycle but, as watersports become increasingly popular, the need to find a solution is more urgent than ever.

As Europe's leading watersports specialist, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. After years of searching, we're now able to start offering a sustainable way to recycle wetsuits at scale.

Free to WSO+Rewards members

WSO+Rewards members purchasing a new wetsuit from us, can now return an old wetsuit for recycling for free. Your trusty old suit will be processed into raw recycled neoprene, eventually finding a new life in a range of bags, gloves, hoods and socks.

There are no restrictions on brand or where the old suit was bought, we just ask it's dry and relatively clean.

How it works


Purchase any wetsuit for £150+ and get an option to add our wetsuit recycle service to your basket.


Once you know your new suit is a keeper, send your old suit to us in the special recycling bag provided.


We'll turn your old wetsuit into products such as neoprene bags, hoods and socks.

Closing the loop

We've partnered with Circular Flow, a leader in neoprene recycling and manufacturing, to launch Europe's first large scale, closed-loop recycling programme for wetsuits.

After six years of intensive research and overcoming many obstacles, I am delighted to be partnering with Wetsuit Outlet to kickstart neoprene recycling at scale. With our technology and Wetsuit Outlet's expertise and scale, together we can make a real impact on reducing neoprene waste. - Georgi Marinov, Founder Circular Flow

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm outside the UK - can I still use this service?

Currently WSO+Recycle is limited to customers living the the UK, although we hope to roll the program out globally in the near future.

How does the recycling service work?

1. There's a wide range of wetsuits available to purchase that are eligible for our recycling service.
2. At checkout, just add the recycling service to your basket to let us know you want to recycle your old wetsuit.
3. We'll send you a special returns bag with your order.
4. If you're happy with your new wetsuit and ready to recycle your old one, click "Get Started" in the email we sent you to register your return on our recycling portal.
5. Generate your recycle return label and send this free of charge via Royal Mail

We'll take care of the rest!

What products can be returned for recycling?

We will accept any brand, colour, or size wetsuit. The wetsuit does not need to have been originally purchased from us. We will only accept one wetsuit per transaction.

We cannot accept all neoprene based products, such as boots, hats and gloves, so we ask that you do not include these in your recycling return.

I'm happy with my new suit and ready to recycle my old one. What do I do?

Great! You will have been sent an email containing a unique link to our recycling portal. Simply enter your details to generate your free return label.

We will supply you with recycling packaging, which will be included in your recently placed order.
There's no need to thoroughly clean your wetsuit, we just ask that this is sent in a dry, reasonable condition.

Can I return my order with the wetsuit that will be recycled?

No, recycling returns are processed differently to standard returns and so we ask that you do not include items that need to be returned for a refund via this method.

Please be aware that non-recyclable items that are returned to us in the recycling bag will be sent back to you at a cost of £4.95.

What happens if I return my new wetsuit in the recycling bag?

If you return your new wetsuit or any other product recently purchased in the recycling bag, this will not be refunded and the new wetsuit will be sent for recycling.

How do I package my wetsuit for recycling?

We will supply you with recycling packaging, which will be included in your recently placed order. There's no need to clean your wetsuit, however, please do not send it to us wet.

Do I need to clean my wetsuit before sending it to you?

There's no need to thoroughly clean your wetsuit, we just ask that it is dry.

Do I have to pay to send my wetsuit for recycling?

As a WSO+Rewards member you will benefit from free postage, you'll just need to generate your return label online. The service normally costs £10 per wetsuit.

Where should I drop off my wetsuit?

When you're ready to send us your old wetsuit, find the email we sent you directing you to our recycle portal. From there you can choose a local drop off point and generate your free postage label.

What happens to my wetsuit once you receive it?

Once your old wetsuit has been received, it will be sent to the recycling facility to be turned into new products such as change mats, gloves, boots and bags.

It doesn't just stop there - these recycled items can be then returned again at the end of their life and recycled up to seven more times.

Why are you offering this service?

While there have been recent developments in producing more eco-friendly neoprene using natural rubber, there is a long way to go before we reach the point where this type of material substitutes conventional neoprene, which is based on petroleum.

We need to do our bit now to tackle the large amount of neoprene going to landfill every year, so we're pleased to say that we will be the first watersports ecommerce retailer that can offer a 100% closed loop recycling programme with our partners Circular Flow.

Can I still recycle my old wetsuit if I return my new one?

Yes, you can still recycle your old wetsuit, however, there will be a charge of £10 deducted from your refund to cover the costs of the recycling service.

Where can I read the full terms and conditions?

By opting in to use WSO+Recycle you agree to these terms and conditions.

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