Man surfing a wave in Lime green Xcel Comp wetsuit

Xcel's Best Seller: The Comp Wetsuit Range

Since 1982, Xcel has been making award-winning, innovative wetsuits and neoprene accessories that are designed to the highest standards to ensure they meet your every need. Xcel makes wetsuits for all water temperatures and conditions from Hawaii to the Arctic Circle. Xcel invests heavily in research and development to make sure their products are unique and the best on the market. In fact, Xcel’s wetsuits are so high-tech, that they even supply the US navy.

Xcel has a few different ranges of wetsuits that come at different price levels and that are suited for different conditions. But, with great technical features and at a great price, the mid-range Comp wetsuit range is their best seller. This suit’s simplicity, comfort performance, great colour choices and affordable price are some of the key features that has driven this suit off the shelves.

Here is why:

  • Thermo LITE IR

On the inside of the COMP wetsuit, there is a new, plush Thermo LITE Infrared lining from the chest through to the knee.

The Thermo LITE lining has always been praised for its soft feel and comfort. In 2021, the Thermo LITE had an upgrade to maximise warmth without adding weight. Now, the NEW Thermo LITE IR lining transforms the energy of infrared rays, emitted by your body and the sun, into heat the wearer can feel. This lining also has a quick-dry fibre meaning your body heat can be focused on keeping you warm instead of on drying the garment.

Keeping you warmer and in the water for longer.

  • Wide Range of Colours

This summer’s men's Comp wetsuit comes in a few exciting colour choices: forest green black, all black and fluorescent lime. The fluorescent lime was inspired by Noel Salas and his board reviews on ‘surf show and tell’ so that he could stand out from the crowd when filming videos. This wetsuit is perfect if you want to stand out from the crowd.

The junior comes in tin foil and graphite and the women’s in all black, and black/ tye-dye.

  • 100% Ultraflex Nanoprene Lite Japanese Limestone

Wetsuits in the Comp range are designed for maximum flexibility and range of motion. This eco-friendly, limestone-based neoprene has unrivalled memory and rebound, whilst being warmer, softer and lighter than the average neoprene.

  • Engineered Fit System

Meticulously designed to fit you like a second skin. Pre-bent arms and knees for comfort and to reduce fatigue.

  • Triple Glued & Blind Stitched Seams

Glued and blind stitched seams throughout for a water-tight seam construction. This means that panels are glued multiple times before being pushed together which creates an entirely air/watertight seal. Then it is stitched to give the strength needed but only a quarter way through the foam to avoid seam holes.

  • FusionX Tape

The suit has spot taping around some of the main stress points in the upper body and around the groin and inside leg for extra durability in an area that often receives wear through things like sitting on a surfboard.

Xcel's next-generation tape technology ensures maximum seam durability while eliminating the need for excess glue that can irritate by applying a machined heat-pressure process that bonds tape directly to the suit.

  • Water-Based Glue

Xcel has eliminated harmful, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from their glue by switching solvent-based laminating glue to water-based glue.

  • One-Piece Front & Back Panel

The silhouette is similar to the ultra-premium Comp X with a one-piece front and back panel for increased stretch and maximum range of motion.

  • Watertight Zipper

It also has a popper closure and a sinch cord to pull the chest tight.

  • Glide Skin Collar

A durable, smooth-skin collar with a watertight neck seal that prevents flushing.



These fantastic features are why Xcel’s comp range is their best seller. Get one for yourself here or check out all Xcel wetsuits here.

Check out this video to find out more about the excellent Comp features:


Written by Lucy Harris

Updated on 7th September 2021

Originally published on 11th June 2021 in Wetsuit Guides

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