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A brand built by triathletes for triathletes, ZONE3 know a thing or two when it comes to open water swimming. But with such a wide range of wetsuits, accessories, and cold-weather attire on the market, it can be a tricky world to navigate.

We are here to lend a helping hand, with helpful tips on which wetsuit is best for your needs. Are you an eco-conscious triathlete eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Switch range? Or a casual cold-water dipper in need of a cost-effective, reliable wetsuit for winter? - We’ve got you covered. 

In this video we take a deeper dive into some of their staple lines, staff favourites, and some exciting newness for the 2024 season. 

Let’s get into it.


ZONE3 YULEX Switch Wetsuit range

The first of its kind, the ZONE3 YULEX Switch Wetsuit is the first non-neoprene based multi-sport wetsuit on the market! The flexible body construction further accommodates a more generous fit, actively encouraging more people to get in the water. We love to see it.  

The main body is composed of Yulex® - a natural plant-based rubber, which helps to massively reduce the carbon footprint of the product. To learn more about natural rubber wetsuit alternatives, read our article entitled: Is Natural Rubber as good as Neoprene?.

In keeping with the brand’s roots, the Switch boasts top-tier swim features including Speedflo shoulder panels to reduce drag and increase flexibility, whilst the abrasion-resistant knee panels are a great addition for paddleboard pop-ups.

Who’s it for?
We see it as an ideal accompaniment for watermen (and women) looking for a wetsuit to wear wild swimming, paddle boarding, or for anything where a surf suit can feel a little restrictive. It’s a great all-rounder with a lessened environmental impact - What’s not to like?

What’s it for?
Open water swims, quick dips, paddleboarding, kayaking, bodyboarding. 


ZONE3 Vision Wetsuit range

A two-time recipient of 220 Triathlon’s ‘Cutting Edge’ award, the Vision Wetsuit offers unparalleled performance and some serious sustainability credentials. The first of its kind, this wetsuit features a ground-breaking new material by Yamamoto - Terraprene. 

Terraprene is a cutting-edge biodegradable rubber which, once at the end of its life, can be bio-degraded in 522 days. It does this all whilst still retaining the performance of the widely adopted Yamamoto SCS material used in other prominent suit designs. 

The ultra-stretch material allows for a maximum range of motion, providing you with the freedom to move unrestricted and perform at your best. This suit is getting us seriously excited here at WSO HQ!    

Who’s it for? 

The ZONE3 Vision Wetsuit is a staple amongst open water swimmers and triathletes. In short, the perfect choice for committed swimmers looking for a cost-effective wetsuit with a lessened impact on our planet. 

What’s it for?
Open water swims, triathlons, competitive swimming.


ZONE3 Agile Wetsuit range

If you’re new to open water swimming or looking to compete in your first triathlon this year, the Agile Wetsuit is the one for you. Coming in at just under £200, this suit will keep your body warm, comfortable, and well supported throughout the beginnings of your open water journey.

First launched back in 2021, the ZONE3 Agile range has been a top-seller here at WSO HQ. Featuring a combination of two, three and four millimetre buoyancy panels, the Agile allows your body to remain streamlined in the water - reducing fatigue and enabling you to improve your technique and speed.

Who’s it for?

Simply put, the Agile is suited to newbie swimmers looking to dip their toe into the world of swim-specific wetsuits. If you are starting to swim longer distances, graduating from ‘dipper’ status, or entering your first race - The Agile is for you.

What’s it for?
Open water swims, wild swimming, quick dips, entry-level triathlons.


ZONE3 Aspire Wetsuit range

Since its launch in 2008, the ZONE3 Aspire has been one of the highest rated and most loved swim wetsuits on the market. Equally suited to beginners and pros alike, it’s a great mid-level option that has been slightly tweaked over the years to suit the modern open water swimmer. 

Backed up by a number of industry reviews that commend it for its flexibility, buoyancy and speed of removal, the newest version of the Aspire wetsuit brings you everything you love - and some. With key improvements to increase comfort, flexibility, and feel.

Who’s it for? 

Anyone and everyone involved in open water swimming. Yes, it’s at the slightly pricer end of the scale, but for good reason. You can rely on the ZONE3 Aspire when first starting out, signing up for your first race, or as a stalwart companion to your competitive season.

What’s it for?
Open water swims, beginner and pro-level triathlons, competitive swimming.


ZONE3 Women’s Yulex Long Sleeve Suit
One for the wild swimmers, dippers, and all-round ocean obsessives. The Women’s Yulex Long Sleeve Suit is nestled amongst the brand’s wider (and ever-growing) Yulex swim range. Featuring 1.5mm thickness throughout and full coverage across the back and arms, it provides core warmth and protection from the elements while allowing for greater freedom of movement.

By switching to natural rubber, this suit’s CO2 emissions are down a massive 80%. That’s a big step in the right direction, and we hope more swim brands will follow suit. We also stock the ZONE3 Mens Yulex Jammer Swim Shorts, Womens Yulex Front Zip Swim Top, and the Mens Yulex Long Sleeve Top.

Who’s it for? 

As mentioned, this wetsuit is tailored to wild swimmers, river dippers, and anyone looking to get in the water over the warmer months. It’s also a great option for summer paddles, or mellow surf sessions further afield. 

What’s it for?
Open water swims, quick dips, wild swimming, paddleboarding, surfing. 




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Shop the full ZONE3 range - HERE

Shop the full ZONE3 wetsuit range - HERE

Updated on 4th March 2024

Originally published on 29th February 2024 in Wetsuit Guides

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