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Orca’s high performance wetsuits are based on four fundamental pillars: elasticity, buoyancy, hydrodynamics and thermal insulation. Combining different types of wetsuits, constructions, inner linings and thicknesses provides one benefit or another, depending on what each swimmer needs to feel safe and confident in the water. Orca stays at the forefront of all these technologies. 

In this video we take a deeper dive into some of their staple lines, staff favourites, and some exciting newness for the 2024 season. 

Let’s get into it.




Athlex Float Women Triathlon Wetsuit

The Athlex Float wetsuit combines high buoyancy with high elasticity, resulting in a very balanced wetsuit for swimmers who need added buoyancy to correct their positioning in the water. Thinner upper body and thick leg materials allow swimmers to tackle triathlons with confidence.

The details 

Buoyancy: The distribution of materials of different thickness in the Athlex Float, such as the 5 mm neoprene in the legs, enhances its buoyancy. This will allow you to maintain a horizontal and elevated position in the water for longer, so that your swimming technique is not affected and you can perform at your best in your triathlon competition.

High elasticity: The materials in the shoulder, arm, and back areas give this wetsuit a high level of elasticity in the upper body. This will allow you to swim without restriction, performing each swim stroke with total freedom.

Hydrodynamics: You can improve your speed and hydrodynamics while training and in competitions, thanks to the SCS technology used to treat the materials in this wetsuit.

Materials: Made with 100% Yamamoto Limestone neoprene, offering the highest elasticity and thermal insulation.

What’s it for?
Triathlons, competitive swimming.


Vitalis Hi-Vis Openwater Wetsuit

The Vitalis Hi-Vis Wetsuit is the evolution of the Openwater Core Hi-Vis. The Openwater Vitalis Hi-Vis is specifically designed for swimming and training in open water safely and with maximum visibility, thanks to its orange panels which stand out in contrast to the colour of the sea. It also provides the thermal comfort needed to maintain an ideal body temperature without sacrificing movement.

The details 

High Visibility: For the utmost safety in the water, the HI-VIS has been designed with a high-visibility orange colour that makes it easy for boats, surfers and other swimmers to locate you while you swim in open water. 

Elasticity:The highly elastic materials used in this wetsuit will provide you with more flexibility for your swim stroke and allow you to swim without restricting your movements. 

Neutral buoyancy: The 2.5 mm Yamamoto 38 material, incorporated in the torso and legs, will provide you with a natural level of buoyancy in addition to good thermal comfort

What’s it for?
Open water swims, wild swimming, quick dips, entry-level triathlons.


Vitalis Breast Stroke Openwater Wetsuit

The Vitalis Breast Stroke is the first Orca wetsuit specifically designed for breaststroke swimming. Its pattern was designed for the movements of the breaststroke and the distribution of materials of different thicknesses allows you to maintain a natural swimming position without lifting your legs excessively. It is made with the most elastic materials, such as Yamamoto 39 FS technology, so that you can enjoy maximum flexibility and a feeling of complete freedom.

The details 

High Elasticity: In addition to the use of flexible technologies such as 39FS, its pattern was specifically developed for the movements of the breaststroke. 

Low Buoyancy: The thin material in the leg area gives the suit a low buoyancy preventing the wetsuit from altering the swimmer's position in the water.

What’s it for?
Breaststroke Swimming: This wetsuit is the first of the Orca range designed and developed specifically for breaststroke swimming. The use of highly elastic materials and its thinness control buoyancy. Open water swims, beginner and pro-level triathlons, competitive swimming.


Vitalis Thermal Openwater Wetsuit

The Vitalis Thermal is a comforted wetsuit designed for open water swimmers who want to keep warm while swimming all year round. It combines specific technologies for heat retention such as Thermal X lining technology and a second layer of “batwing” neoprene, which minimises water from entering the zipper and neck area. The thicker neoprene panels give the swimmer excellent buoyancy which helps them conserve energy during cold weather sessions.

The details
Thermal Insulation: The excellent thermal properties of this wetsuit were achieved with its construction of up to 4 mm-thick panels together with the Thermal X inner lining. In addition, its "Batwing" hood prevents the entry of cold water through the neck and zipper areas, for increased conservation of body heat 

Elasticity: 39+ and 39FS technologies are incorporated in the shoulders and underarms to improve the elasticity of this wetsuit 

High and Neutral Buoyancy: The high-thickness panels located in the torso provide a high level of buoyancy, providing more safety in open water. The Thermal X inner fabric is soft and comfortable, providing great comfort when swimming in cold waters

Materials: Made with 100% Yamamoto Limestone neoprene, offering the highest elasticity and thermal insulation.

What’s it for?
Open water swims, quick dips, paddleboarding


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Shop the full Orca range - HERE
Shop the full Orca wetsuit range - HERE

Updated on 24th April 2024

Originally published on 5th March 2024 in Guides

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