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O'Neill TechnoButter 3: What is it?

Wetsuits are constantly evolving, and admittedly it can be hard to keep up with the latest breakthroughs and new technology, especially when every brand is coming up with their own names for neoprene and entry systems. In this blog, we’ll be reviewing O’Neill’s exclusive TechnoButter 3, explaining what it is, why we love it and where you’ll find it.

O’Neill have been pioneering the most advanced wetsuit technology since they invented them back in the 1950s, so it’s no surprise that TB3 is something special. The layers of innovation are used across their most premium wetsuits, but there are specific differences between them, so we’ve broken it down below for you.

Psycho Tech

The Psycho Tech is the ultimate package, bringing together all of O’Neill’s best features and offering superior warmth and stretch through the layers of the TechnoButter 3 Air Firewall, which is so stretchy, they’ve added an extra 0.5mm of neoprene to the suit, just because they can.

  • TechnoButter Envy Smoothskin Exterior: This is the super stretchy outer layer of the Envy neoprene that sheds water and protects the body from windchill. It’s worth noting though, that without a jersey layer on the exterior, the outer layer of the neoprene is exposed, making it slightly more susceptible to nicks and scratches. However, by not having the jersey, it also won’t get heavy with water, and it can warm up quicker with heat from the Sun.
  • Air Insulated Layered Core: Bigger bubbles in the neoprene mean more trapped air, and therefore better insulation. Because of this improved level of warmth, TechnoButter suits don’t particularly need a fleecy, thermal lining like you’ll see in some of the other leading brands. However, this neoprene is a little heavier and slightly less stretchy due to the size of the bubbles, which is why it’s only used in the torso and legs – the arms are standard TB3 so you’ll still get the stretch in the upper body where you need it.
  • TechnoButter Firewall Interior Jersey: This lining is only slightly insulating (compared to other linings like Billabong’s Graphene lining or Rip Curl’s Flash lining), but it’s highly hydrophobic, meaning a minimal amount of water stays inside the suit, which enables you to stay warm without the need of a heavier fleece lining, and let the neoprene do its work.

The seams use stitch-less technology combined with TB3-X tape on the inside and a fluid seam weld on the outer for zero leaks and extra durability. Available with a back or chest zip, and also as a hooded wetsuit.

Psycho One

Extremely flexible and so lightweight, the Psycho One is designed with performance surfing in mind using TechnoButter 3.

  • TechnoButter 3 Exterior Jersey: Having the exterior jersey protects the neoprene, meaning the suit is more durable. Additionally, the TB3 jersey holds hardly any water, keeping the suit light.
  • Envy Foam Rubber Core: This layer uses O’Neill’s microscopic air-cell rubber core formula, and the result is a neoprene that’s much lighter than the one used in the Psycho Tech.
  • TechnoButter 3X Interior Jersey: To make the TB3-X jersey, a percentage of the yarns have been removed, making it lighter and stretchier than the TB3. The downside is it’s not as durable, which is why it’s mainly used on the inside of the wetsuits, however, the stretchiness ensures you get a better fit and a comfier suit.

Water entry in the Psycho One is reduced through its minimal seam design, double-seal collar and fluid seam weld. Available with a back or chest zip.


This is O’Neill’s most unique, lightweight, fully sealed performance comp suit. It’s slightly less warm and less durable than the Psycho One and Tech because it’s designed for competitive surfers, but the advanced technology used in the TechnoButter 3X makes it so lightweight and comfortable, you’ll swear you were surfing naked.

  • TechnoButter 3X Exterior Jersey: Like the TB3X interior jersey, this outer layer has been pre-stretched to ensure optimum flexibility and a superior fit. This jersey is used partially on the outside of the suit in the areas where you’ll need the extra stretch, such as around your arms and shoulders.
  • Envy Foam Rubber Core: O’Neill’s brilliant Envy core is back again – super lightweight and so, so warm.
  • TechnoButter 3X Interior Jersey: With pre-stretched jersey on either side of the core, this wetsuit will fit you like no other.

Minimal seam design on the HyperFreak adds to the extreme freedom of movement and comfort, and the TB3X has been used to tape the seams for additional reinforcement without threatening the flexibility of the suit. Again, O’Neill have chucked in an extra half a millimetre of neoprene just because the TB3-X is so stretchy that the extra thickness won’t make a difference to the flexibility of the suit. Available zipperless or with a chest zip.

Jack O’Neill Legend

For the wetsuit inspired by the legend himself, Jack O’Neill, it wouldn’t make sense not to include O’Neill’s most innovative materials, so you’ll find the TechnoButter here too. The Legend uses a combination of TB3, TB3-X and TB3 Air-Firewall to ensure optimum flexibility, durability and warmth, whilst maintaining that lightweight feel. Like the Psycho Tech and the HyperFreak, this suit has an extra half millimetre of neoprene without compromising on stretch and weight.

The Legend suit is also available as the O'Neill Mutant Legend, which has an interchangeable neck and hood.



Written by Eliza Tilbury

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Updated on 15th August 2022

Originally published on 22nd November 2019 in Surfing

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