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Mystic's Summer Line Up

So, what is fresh off the press for the Spring/Summer 2023 line up? We have a few new items that Mystic has added to the mix for summer 2023. As they spread their wings into the surf market, they have launched their surf line of board bags, traction pads and leashes. New technology and colourways have been added into the wetsuit range. New impacts vests have come into the wake collection and after much R&D, a new helmet has launched!

Let’s dive in… 


The One Suit is here and so is WSL and Red Bull surfer Caio Ibelli who has been rocking this suit all over the World Tour and turning heads in the popping red! The suit has been updated with MX4 Yamamoto Neoprene, which if you didn’t know, is lighter, softer, and a more durable neoprene made from limestone. It comes in some fresh new colours too such as black, dark olive and red! It comes in 5/3mm, 4/3mm and 3/2mm and is totally zip-free! We feel the red is the way to go to brighten up your day, and the line-up.


The Lunar Suit is the perfect addition when the summer kicks in, when it’s too warm for a full suit, yet you still want a little bit of warmth and/or protection while you’re on the water. New colours are here in black, dark olive and sunset purple and the colour blocking breaks at the perfect point on the body. The Lunar is available in a more versatile for styling front zip, and a more traditional back zip. This can be worn in lakes around the UK throughout the summer months, and in the ocean at the peak of summer on those fantastic bluebird days!


The Vandal Pro Helmet, with its new lower profile silhouette, will certainly be turning heads on the water this year. The Vandal Pro can handle high impacts with its ABS Shell and is extra lightweight due to the EES impact foam which doesn’t absorb water. It also has an adjustable 360 dial to get the snuggest fit and comes in a plethora of colourways. The Vandal Helmet has EVA foam which is slightly bulkier than the Pro and has a 180 dial for making sizing adjustments. It is also lined with 3D Mesh fit pads for comfort. The Vandal comes in three great colourways, black, dark olive and retro orange. Did we mention how comfortable they are as well? 


The Helium Inflatable board bag is here and just what you need for those epic travel adventures! But wait for it… this bag is self-inflating! It uses the same technology that you might have in your camping mattresses were you undo the valve and it inflates on its own, and then you can just top up the air by blowing into the valve, and voilà! You have a fully protective bag to keep your surf/kite board safe! It’s built for travel and so whether you’re flying in search of clean barrels deep in Indo, or just driving to your local hoping the stars have aligned, this will be sure to protect your magic stick.


New Wake Vests for 2023 are the mens Renegade, The Dom 2023, Mayhem, Anarchy and Peacock 2023, and the womens Maze and Baloo! We know, crazy right? So much choice! And that’s not even including the existing staples that have new colourways to choose from. So, what is new – the protection this year is second to none. The Renegade has NBR foam with clash foam plates that are there to keep your spine safe when sending. The Dom, Anarchy, Peacock and Baloo vests are all lined with clash foam for extra protection. Fox Fleece has also been added for that extra warmth that a vest gives you, especially handy on a fresh summer morning when you want to ride skins. And more designs and colourways than you can shake a stick at!


So overall, we have quite a few new goodies added to the premium products that Mystic has to offer. What have you spotted that you can’t wait to get your hands on? Is it the One suit in red? The Vandal Pro helmet in Dark Olive, perhaps the Lunar suit in Sunset Purple, or maybe the Renegade Impact Vest with the NBR foam and clash foam plates for that extra protection. The great news is that the choice is yours and there is loads to choose from! Enjoy the summer!

Updated on 6th July 2023

Originally published on 15th June 2023 in Windsurfing

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