How To Wax Your Surfboard

You know when you get a new phone and there's that thin plastic cover attached to the screen, and every fibre of your body is wanting to keep it there, but invetiably the sensation of pulling it off is too strong? Well, waxing a surfboard is similar - but in reverse. I think!? Let's see how I go explaining it.

Basically, pulling back the plastic feels soooooo good and actually gives you a clearer screen display. So essentially, the phone starts out average with the plastic, to becoming awesome without it...

A brand new surfboard is the opposite. It starts out awesome in all its shiny, smooth and untainted glory. But then meets its inevitable demise, as you're forced to smother it with a chunky/sticky substance known as wax. Once the job's done, it leaves a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach, similar to that of extreme guilt and remorse. However, the burden eventually morphs itself into a blessing, as it keeps you attached to the board - which is kinda the whole point of surfing.

Thus, and for the sake of bringing some normality back to this blog, I decided to jump in front of the camera (for a change) and go through a few steps on how to wax a surfboard.

Although, I must apologise in advance for my terrible attempt(s) at humour. However, I do not apologise for the setting in which the video was filmed #myofficeisbetterthanyours.

So here goes nothing...

During the filming, I used Fark King wax, which we have available in tropical and cool.

And if you're interested in a couple of other surfing accessories which are going to make your experience pain free, check out this blog Surfing Accessories - Sam's Picks.

Sam Quennell


Published on 8th May 2018 in Surfing

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