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Helmets - Why Wear Them for Watersports?

If you’ve done any form of sporting activity in your life, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a helmet. And if, like us, it started off with a parent forcing one onto your abnormally shaped head as you sped off on your stabilizer bike, then you probably grew up thinking they weren’t that cool.

Except, they are.

And you know why? They can literally save your life. A helmet absorbs the impact of a crash and helps reduce the risk of injury to the head and brain by nearly 70%.

But why do you need a helmet for watersports?

Obviously, falling into a pool of water sounds like a much softer landing than a concrete pavement, but the impact can actually be just as bad. It all depends on the speed at which you’re travelling and the position of your body at the point that you hit the water. In fact, an unplanned high-speed impact in water is likely to cause just as much damage as the same impact with concrete.

Additionally, a serious head injury on concussion in the water can also result in drowning, which is why you should also make sure you’re wearing the correct flotation aid – you can find out more about the difference between life jackets, buoyancy aids and impact vests here.

A helmet is designed to keep expected impacts for a given activity within the range of human brain tolerance. Energy absorption properties sit within a layer of crushable foam lining to absorb the impact of the crash. This can often result in the helmet being damaged in an accident, particularly the internal structures of it, which you won’t necessarily be able to see easily. This is why you should always replace your helmet after an accident, and also why you should never buy a helmet second hand.

What helmet should I buy?

For all-round head protection – Mystic MK8

The Mystic MK8 X series offers the ultimate in protection and style. Customisable padding allows for the best fit regardless of head type, and the Fidlock closure system ensures your session can start in a heartbeat. Designed for watersports, Mystic helmets do exactly what they say on the label.

For sailing / fast performance watersports – Magic Marine Impact Pro Helmet

This helmet is specifically designed to increase safety, where faster foiling and innovative boats require extra protection. This lightweight ventilated helmet comes in a range of sizes, designed to provide the best fit possible.

For general watersports – Crewsaver Kortex Watersports Helmet

Available in two sizes, Crewsaver's helmet is ideal for use within clubs and centres where participants may be having a go at a number of watersports activities, such as sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding.

All helmets listed on our site are CE approved.


Shop our wide range of helmets here.

If you need anymore advice on buying helmets, or just fancy a chat about watersports, give our friendly customer service team a call.



Updated on 17th August 2021

Originally published on 8th January 2019 in Guides

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