Mystic's Winter Wetsuit Line Up

As the warmer days are quickly drawing in, and the winter chill is seeping into our bones, the excitement is in the air of what winter storms are brewing and what waves they will bring us. The stronger winds and the big rolling swells start to show on the horizon, and the thought of changing on freezing ground out the boot of your car is starting to become a reality yet again, the need for thicker neoprene is real.


Mystic have brought out their AW22/23 range and it is ready for all conditions. Here’s what you need to know about their new wetsuits and accessories, from the high range, to mid-range and to the essential range.


Voltt (Mens) & Gem (Womens) Hooded FZ 6/4/3mm - High Range


If you want to brave the harshest of conditions but stay toasty warm, then the Voltt (Mens) and Gem (Womens) is your winter staple. For those bitter cold sessions from December through to March, it even comes with a built-in hood to prevent icy water neck flushing.


If you turn this wetsuit inside out, you will see Mystic’s Flaremesh+ and Fox Fleece orange liner – which is what keeping is you warm and the cold out! Using Yamamoto 39 neoprene which is more environmentally friendly as it’s made from limestone instead of petroleum. It is more flexible, and the waste energy in the process, is used to heat local eel farms. Check out Mystic’s website to read more about the Mystic Next programme, making small eco-friendly changes to try and move to a more sustainable future.


This suit boasts several top features. Aquaflush 2.0 allows water to escape the suit but doesn’t seep in so no more cold feet! Wind mesh which is closed cell neoprene that offers a better protection against the winter wind chill. And throw in an embossed rear knee section which is not only unique to Mystic, but the pre-curved shape makes a huge difference to your flexibility, hello faster and smoother pop-ups! 


Majestic (Mens) & Jayde (Womens) FZ 5/4mm - High Range


The team rider favourite. Whether they are surfing, kitesurfing, wakeboarding – the Majestic & Jayde will be in their wetsuit line-up.


Built to withstand any conditions the UK throws at you. With Yamamoto 39 neoprene, Flaremesh+ in the chest, back and lower body and embossed knee areas, these suits are warm and flexible, everything you could possibly want from a winter wetsuit. The Jayde especially stands out with its popping designs which come in two different options, dark navy with a bright arm design, and then an elegant yet stealthy black.


Both of these wetsuits are the lightest and most flexible of the high-end range, having a little less of the Flaremesh compared to the Voltt & Gem. Not having the same amount of thermal protection means you can get your flex on a little more. Everything is a trade-off. But rest assured, these suits have been tried and tested and will be sure to see you through a multiple hour session in February.


The One (Mens) 5/3mm Zip Free - High Range


The One! Mystic have found it, so you don’t have to! This zipless wonder comes in a stealthy black and a chic grey for those who want to stand out. Again, this wetsuit delivers warmth and flexibility in the form of MX4 Yamamoto 39 neoprene, Hex-tech knee pads and Polar Lining in the chest and back. The One has grabbed everyone’s attention with its looks, and will keep everyone’s attention with its tech.


Marshall (Mens) & Dazzled (Womens) FZ 5/3mm – Mid Range


These wetsuits are here to stand out with super poppy colourways for this winter! This is Mystic's best-selling front zip suit in the range, which has been a solid go-to for mid-range customers since it was first introduced into the line. From this wetsuit, you will get MX3 Foam neoprene, high-tech kneepads, waterproof stretch taping in critical areas and Fox fleece in the chest, back & lower body. 


Brand new for AW22/23, is the all-new 5/3mm Hooded Marshall, a serious suit where you get bang for your buck! With all the features the Marshall brings but with an integrated hood for those bitter cold sessions!


Let's talk about those colourways. The Marshall comes in three colourways - black & blue, grey & green and navy & red. With a full-colour block for the entire body and then a complementary colour for the left arm, this wetsuit really stands out!


The Dazzled comes in two stylish colourways, both with some nice poppy details! A fashionable, feminine suit with all the warmth and flexibility you ladies need!


Star (Mens & Womens) FZ & BZ 5/3mm – Essential Range


For our essential range, this is one solid wetsuit. With the wetsuit coming in a variation of colourways depending on what thickness you go for, and whether it's a front zip or back zip, the choice is yours! It’s super flexible with MX2 Foam neoprene, warm with Fox Fleece in the chest and back and junction taping on the inside, which all work together to make sure you have a great session in the water. The women's Star comes in two colourways, a solid black and also a stunning night blue! 


So that's the range! Once you have figured out your budget and what conditions and temperatures you'll be in, you should be able to easily figure out which wetsuit, suits your needs.




So how do you last longer in the water, stay comfortable and warm, to conquer the cold? It all starts with a nice thick wetsuit but what else? Investing in wetsuit accessories – boots, gloves and a hood is your answer. AW22/23 introduces Mystic’s brand-new accessories range.


Supreme – Hood, Boots & Gloves 


The Supreme Collection – the name says it all! The boot is the perfect split toe coming in a 7mm, 5mm and 3mm with all the super tech you want, MX2 Foam, Liquid seams and Flaremesh+. The hood will keep your noggin toasty during those icy duck dives with MX4 Yamamoto 39 neoprene. And the Lobster gloves have all the goodies too, including pre-curved neoprene to make life easier when holding a kite bar or paddling into some winter size.


Roam – Hood, Boots & Gloves (coming soon)


If you’re looking for a solid set of accessories, then the Roam combo is your staple packed with MX2 Foam, liquid seams and Fox fleece for warmth. The boots come in a split toe and a round toe depending on your preference and are available in 5mm and 3mm. The hood comes in 3mm with both long and short versions to meet your needs. The gloves are five-finger pre-curved to make life easier and more comfortable!


Ease – Hood, Boots & Gloves


If you want to be able to grab the trifecta on the go then the Ease combo is for you with MX2 Foam running throughout the line. The boots come in a comfortable round toe and in 5mm and 3mm. The hood has neoprene mesh side panels and flatlock stitching. The gloves have open palms for those who dislike the arm pump you get from holding onto a bar or handle from wearing gloves!


Neoprene Top


The Neoprene Top is super handy if you need that extra bit of protection against the savage winter storms, and it’s also perfect for in-between sessions for an extra layer to keep warm, the hood is handy too! It comes in a 3/2mm, has MX2 Foam and wind mesh panels. It’s also a great way to be able to use your 4/3mm wetsuit throughout the winter.





Published on 30th November 2022 in Wetsuit Guides

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