Mystic Women's Wetsuits - Tried and tested

The Southern Wakeboarder & Surfer, Lex Balladon on the Dazzled


I am a water-baby through and through and don’t like, but LOVE to frequent the water all year round. Whether it’s land-locked wakeboarding on the lakes, cold water swimming in the local rivers, or heading to the English west coast for some Atlantic winter waves, I’ll find a way to ‘dive in’. 


The Dazzled is a sure bet to see me through. I choose the 5.3mm front zip for the colder months which keeps me in the water for longer. With the Fox Fleece lining on the torso, I do not feel the cold at all, and when I take the suit off, it works so well that the chest and back panels do not even appear to be wet at all; which is just crazy to me as I’ve been wearing wetsuits for over two decades now ( I know….) - and this tech was not around when I first started out. So, this makes the Dazzled perfect for when I’m bobbing about in the line-up as it works to cut out any wind chill as well. If you know, you know. 


Paddling in the Dazzled is no problem either which leaves my energy to be used for catching waves rather than fighting the suit. Because it’s built with 100% M-Flex 2.0 neoprene, it allows for smooth paddling with no restrictions in the shoulder, upper arm, and back area. 


As for the cold water, the glued blind stitched seams take care of that, and the critical taping around the waist helps massively as well as that's the height the water sits at when I’m out in the line-up waiting for waves. 


In the summer months I turn to the 3.2mm Dazzled for laps around my local lake, or some summer waves in North Devon. It does everything the 5.3mm does but just in a thinner mill, as I don’t need the same warmth in the summer, as I do duck diving waves and getting ice cream headaches in the winter. 


Overall, the Dazzled is a solid staple in the Mystic wetsuit line up and one that I can rely on time and time again. 


The hardcore Scottish Wakeboarder, Eve Smith-Lang on the Jayde


For me, the Mystic Jayde is a game-changer. Coming from Scotland I have ridden in all weathers, it can be so changeable between October and April that I can't let cold water and freezing air temperatures become a barrier for my progression. 


I have the Jayde in both the 5.4mm and the 3.2mm which are my go-to thicknesses for combining riding at home in Scotland with winter riding in England/Spain/Turkey. The double zip front and aqua barrier keep the suit snug against you, so you don't experience that feeling of cold water running down your back (or worse your front) and the lining keeps you warm. 


I also love the wind mesh feature which helps stop the bite of wind chill from cooling you down minimizing the risk of muscular injury. Another feature I love about the Jayde is that air trick and kicker landings don't feel as pinchy when you absorb the impact due to the back knee emboss.


Unlike other winter suits I have worn where anything over a 3.2mm feels restrictive the Yamamoto 39 neoprene of the 5.4mm Jayde gives maximum stretch and flexibility minimizing the fatigue that thick suits often cause in your arms and shoulders and the 3.2mm is that perfect crossover in spring and autumn, on cooler days it keeps me warm and on warmer days I don't overheat. 


There is usually a trade off when opting for a summer suit or winter suit but switching between the two thicknesses doesn't change a thing for me and I love the fact that it is eco-friendly. 


I think what I am trying to say is that this wetsuit has got me covered on all aspects so I can focus on my riding and still enjoy being out on the water no matter what the weather.


Written by Lex Balladon & Eve Smith-Lang from Mystic.

Published on 21st April 2022 in Kitesurfing

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