Surfer with a Ninja Wetsuit

Introducing O'Neill's New Ninja Wetsuit Range

O’Neill’s new Ninja wetsuit range has finally launched, and it is something to get excited about. That’s because it includes some of the features from O’Neill’s top-end wetsuits but at a much better price. Price point and technology-wise it sits just above the O’Neill Epic Wetsuit range and offers upgrades in durability, warmth and flexibility.

Let’s take a closer look…


To ensure the Ninja stays in top condition, O’Neill have incorporated some cool durable features. Firstly, the Ninja features ultraflex neoprene, a high-performance super-stretch neoprene that resists Velcro pulls and snags. Also, the Krypto Knee pads improve the Ninja’s durability by protecting and preventing damage to one of the most commonly scuffed areas, whilst still enabling full flexibility and extension in the knee. Krypto knee pads are also abrasion resistant, high stretch and ergonomically shaped for comfort. The neoprene panels of this wetsuit are connected by blind stitching and triple glueing to create a watertight seam, and for increased durability. Taping of the seams is a feature O'Neill have used to extend durability as it keeps the seams watertight longer.


O’Neill have combined the FUZE entry system, GBS seams and Fluidflex panels to prevent water flushing and provide ultimate warmth when wearing this wetsuit. On the back panel, there’s a single lined fluid flex to add warmth and wind protection. Then on the chest, thigh, crotch and seat panel, there is a double liner fluid flex firewall that has a windproof exterior and thermal water wicking properties for maximum warmth. The front upper zip entry (F.U.Z.E) system aims to keep as much water out as possible by utilising a free-floating zipper panel and anti-flush barrier with drainage holes to keep you dry. This entry system is also used in some of O’Neill’s top-end wetsuits. The GBS seams are watertight meaning you’ll be dryer and therefore warmer. 


To ensure maximum comfort and full freedom of movement, the Ninja uses Ultraflex neoprene in the arms, side panel and lower legs, which is super soft to touch and has great flexibility. Throughout the body, different levels of flexibility are needed but fortunately the Ninja has catered for exactly that. In the arms, which is the area of most movement, flexibility is super important so taping on the seams is not used. The Krypto knee pads use a high stretch neoprene with ergonomic shaping, so movement is not compromised.


One of the great things about the Ninja range is that it’s available in men’s, women’s and kid’s sizes, meaning you can kit out the whole family without breaking the bank.


Updated on 27th January 2022

Originally published on 18th November 2021 in Wetsuit Guides

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