Gifts For Anyone That Loves Boardsports

Buying gifts for fans of any board sport can be quite tough. Equipment is pretty specialist, and with that can be pretty damn pricey. If you don’t know too much about the specific sport they’re into, whether that be wake, kite, wind, SUP, surfing OR bodyboarding (there are a lot of things you can do with a board...), your best bet is to check with someone else who’s familiar with the sport. There’s nothing worse than getting it completely wrong. Trust me, you don't want to end up gifting a wakeboarding helmet to a windsurfer.

In case you have nobody to check with except good old google (which is probably why you’re here) we’ve compiled a list of ideas which are general enough to please any adrenaline junkie in their preferred water activity.

Change Robes

A classic accessory. Change robes are an iconic piece of kit in any winter boarder’s wardrobe. Perfect for getting changed in privacy or throwing on over your wetsuit/clothing after a session, change robes (or ponchos as they’re otherwise known) will keep you warm, dry and sheltered from the elements in all conditions.

Arguably the frontrunner of all change robes is Dryrobe.

Priced at £130, these showerproof and windproof robes are the warmest on the planet! The Dryrobe has a super warm synthetic lambswool lining, and features sealed seams, internal and external lined pockets, and an MP3 player pocket. You can get short or long-sleeved styles depending on the amount of desired coverage, and the robes come in a whole array of different colours and styles.


A cheaper, but good quality, alternative is Mystic.

Mystic offer a range of vibrant styles and are a great stocking filler. The Mystic deluxe poncho (£64.95) is constructed with teddy-lined polyester, or you can go for one of their regular ponchos, which start from just £22.95.


Compression Travel Bags/Seat Covers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone whose love of watersports means they’re often on their feet, in a car or on a plane searching for new spots, look no further than the Dryrobe Compression Travel Bag (£29.95).

Alternatively, a waterproof car seat cover is the perfect accessory for boardriders who are constantly on the road. The Northcore Car Seat (£24.95) is a super tough cover, resistant to mud, stains, oil, drinks etc – a quick wipe and it’s clean. You can also get a double version from Northcore for just a fiver more.



They’re an essential piece of kit to all riders, and when else is a better time to gift them than in the midst of winter, when warmth is priority over everything.

If you can, try to suss out the general preferred choice of who you’re buying for. We’re creatures of habit, so generally riders choose one type of footwear they like, and stick to it. Some prefer zipped boots, others strapped or laced. If you know said person wears booties for stand-up paddle boarding, I’d opt away from the SUP trainers. Personal preference is a big thing in watersports, as being comfortable out on the water is priority.

Our top footwear picks:

O’Neill Epic 5mm Round Toe Boots (£27.95)

Gul Power 5mm Split Toe Boots (£31.95)


Neoprene Hoodies

You can guarantee that this'll be appreciated. They're wind and water resistant, and there's no better time to receive one than in the midst of winter, when the weather has a complete mind of it's own... The Mystic range of Neoprene Hoodies are especially warm, and especially popular. 


Shop our full range of board sport equipment and accessories here.

Alternatively, our Christmas Shop has gifts for every budget - under £100, £50 and £20. 



Published on 6th December 2018 in Misc


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