Billabong Furnace wetsuits

The ultimate range for cold water surfing; the Billabong Furnace is everything you need in a wetsuit. A warm, quick-drying Furnace lining traps body heat, and allows the suit to drain and dry ultra fast. The Furnace Revolution is an ideal winter wetsuit, thanks to its comfy fleece lining and super stretchy neoprene. With a wide variety of products ranging from 2mm vests and jackets to thick Carbon Ultra hooded wetsuits, you'll find the right gear for even the most extreme conditions a surfer can brave. The Billabong Furnace Carbon, which gets its name from the carbon fiber yarn weaved into the lining, will keep you warmer on the water for longer, due to its ability to hold body heat and shed water instead of absorbing it. Billabong have pushed research and development to the limit to build the perfect range for winter warriors, and boy, has it worked! Shop from hundreds of wetsuits, boots and accessories in the Billabong Furnace range at Wetsuit Outlet.

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If you're looking for a wetsuit to keep you warmer for longer, you've come to the right place. The Billabong Furnace does exactly what the name suggests Ė keeps you toastier than ever before. Billabong wetsuits have continued to push boundaries since the 1970s, but the Furnace range raises the bar of cold water wetsuit standards higher than ever. Made from the highest quality neoprene on the market, and constructed with a super-stretchy, softneoprene built to last, the Billabong Furnace range is an avid surfer's favourite. If you're determined enough to brave the harshest winter conditions, at least gear up for it properly in a Furnace Carbon wetsuit. Not only does the Furnace hold 30% less water, reducing its weight and making it warmer than ever, but Billabong wetsuits are also made with 30% upcycled car tyres, and use limestone natural mineral-based neoprene which is better for the environment. When you buy Billabong, you know it'll last.

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