O'Neill Psycho wetsuits

Since inventing the first wetsuit in the 1950s, O'Neill has continuously developed groundbreaking technology and stayed one step ahead of the game. The O’Neill Psycho range illustrates that. Up there amongst some of the most advanced wetsuits available, the Psycho range offers everything you need to enhance your performance and stay out in the water for longer. By using TechnoButter 3, a soft, premium neoprene with super stretch capabilities, each wetsuit in the range is made of the lightest and driest neoprene ever. Whether you’re going for the Psycho Freak, Psycho Tech or Psycho One wetsuit, you can rest assured that each one exceeds the rigorous testing standards of the world’s best surfers. Want a wetsuit that’s built to last? Choose the Psycho range. After all, if it's good enough for Championship Tour surfer Jordy Smith, it's good enough for us...

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The Psycho range combines a classic feel with ground-breaking technology that ensures surfers can optimise their performance in the water for longer. Psycho One, Psycho Freak and Psycho Tech offer something to everyone with regards to warmth, performance and durability. The Zen Zip entry system is one of the most comfortable and secure zips on the market, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no water will be seeping through your wetsuit. With wetsuits ranging from 3/2 up to 5/4mm in thickness, the Psycho range offers coldwater enthusiasts the perfect summer and winter wetsuit options to brave those chilly conditions, complemented by a matching range of wetsuit boots, mittens and gloves.

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