WSO's Top Triathlon Wetsuit Picks

When it comes to triathlons you’re going to need a wetsuit which fits you perfectly and is flexible, buoyant and warm enough to allow for minimal exertion whilst competing. Your level of experience is irrelevant as everyone is faced with the same gruelling task, and at the end of the day, it’s about getting the most out of yourself…and your wetsuit.

However, you don’t want to be ‘that person’ who rolls up to a triathlon with a surfing wetsuit. Trust us. It’s basically like going to a biker bar in your Lycra rather than your leather threads. The two serve completely different purposes.

Furthermore, there are certain specifications a triathlon wetsuit must adhere to...

  • Maximum permitted thickness of neoprene – 5mm.

  • Minimum water temperature at which wetsuits are optional – 14°C.

  • Wetsuits are deemed unsafe and banned if the water temperature is above 22°C for a 1,500m swim – up to 24°C for an Ironman swim.

So, bearing all of this in mind, which triathlon wetsuits should you be looking at buying?

2017 2XU A:1 Active Triathlon Wetsuit – Was £240 Now £215.95

Engineered from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene, this wetsuit is designed for athletes looking for optimal flotation and flexibility. Additionally, 2XU have implemented a Floating Zip Panel for extended reach and 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel for elevation in the water. Thus, allowing any entry-level triathlete complete confidence and freedom when swimming.

Complete with a two-year warranty, the A:1 Active Triathlon Wetsuit is perfect for anyone looking to get their competitive juices flowing.


2XU Ladies X:2 Project X Triathlon Wetsuit – Was £650 Now £349.95

Setting the benchmark for quality women’s wetsuits, 2XU incorporate brand new design-technology which allows for a more efficient flex and body roll. Ideally suited for the more experience triathlete, other features include:

  • A Lower Leg Propulsion Panel for increased kicking power.

  • A Seamless Shoulder & Arm Panel for enhanced flexibility.

  • 520% Stretch Lining for enhanced lateral flexibility.

  • Nano SCS Coating for an extra 4% buoyancy.

If you’re looking to take your performance to the next level, this is the ultimate wetsuit which will guarantee results.


2017 2XU Men’s GHST Triathlon Wetsuit – Was £550 Now £494.95

Arguably one of the most light-weight and flexible wetsuits on the market, 2XU have applied stretch panels and thin neoprene on the shoulders for complete unrestricted movement. Furthermore, the implementation of foam-insert panels will ensure your body is elevated when conquering strong waves.

When it comes to elite competition experience, this wetsuit should be high on your priority list, as it's engineered for optimum performance.


If you're still unsure about what to buy, read our Guide to Triathlon Wetsuits, for more helpful information.

Written by Sam Quennell


Published on 18th December 2017 in Triathlon

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