Winter Surfer

Winter Surf Accessories

The temperature has already started to drop, and that means winter swells are coming, but how do you make the most of the bigger waves without losing your toes to frostbite?

We’ve put together our must have’s for this winter, to keep you on the water come rain or shine (or snow)…

Rip Curl Flashbomb Heatseeker 3mm Neoprene Hood 

Leaving your head uncovered when it’s cold is a sure-fire way to find yourself with brain freeze after the first plunge. Luckily, Rip Curl have taken their exceptionally warm E5 Flashdry lining and used it to create a super warm 3mm neoprene surf hood with a smooth skin exterior, meaning you can head out on the waves without worrying about headaches.

O’Neill 2mm Neoprene Beanie 

Not sure you want to commit to a full hood? O’Neill’s neoprene beanie offers 2mm of double lined neoprene to help you regulate your body’s temperature.

Billabong Absolute 5mm Glove 

Keep your fingers warm without compromising on flex with Billabong’s Absolute Gloves. With 5mm of premium neoprene and a smooth skin outer for wind resistance, you’ll be able to keep your hands toasty while paddling out.

Billabong Revolution 5mm Split Toe Neoprene Boots 

It doesn’t matter how much better you can feel the board without booties, when it’s cold enough, you won’t be feeling anything in your toes. The Revolution Boots from Billabong have been designed to maintain exceptional grip and sensitivity to the board, with a high density printed sole and split toe design. Additionally, they feature the Furnace quick dry thermal lining and a superlight foam core, meaning they’re going to keep your feet super warm and snug too.

Dryrobe Advanced Short Sleeve Premium Outdoor Change Robe 

The ultimate addition to your winter surf wardrobe. A waterproof and windproof shell will keep you protected from the cold, while the fast drying, fleecy lining will trap in your body heat and draw water away from your skin. You can wear this over your wetsuit or to get changed under, making it perfect for rainy days, cold mornings and beating that post-surf chill.

Northcore Water Resistant Car Seat Cover 

For those days when it’s too cold to hang around outside to get changed (a pretty nasty experience if you don’t have a change robe!) and you just want to jump in the car and head straight home to a hot shower. The Northcore seat covers are made from a tough, water resistant material, to cope with soggy wetsuits, sand and all the other trauma our poor seats get subjected to on a surf trip.

O’Neill Neoprene Heat Socks 

If you already have a pair of summer boots and don’t fancy investing in a second pair, you can add an extra 3mm of warmth with O’Neill’s heat socks. It’s worth pointing out though that if your boots already fit you pretty snugly you may struggle to fit them over a pair of heat socks.

Rip Curl Flashbomb 0.5mm Polypro Sleeveless Hooded Thermo Vest 

Bringing in extra insulation for your core as well as your head, this is a game changer for cold water surfs. The vest features Rip Curl’s premium E4 neoprene as well as Flash lining in the hood and cinch for the hood, meaning you can get a close, comfortable fit and maximum warmth.


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Written by Eliza Tilbury

Published on 10th October 2019 in Surfing

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