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What's new about Mystic's 2.0 poncho?

I think the question should be what’s NOT new about the Explore 2.0! This all-new design for 2022 packs a huge punch when it comes to features, which it is absolutely packed with. What are they, you say? Well thank you for asking - let me tell you about some of them. 


The Explore 2.0 comes in four fresh new colourways. We have got the stealthy black on black and also a more subtle night blue with a complimentary black liner. Lighting things up we have the super on trend olive green with matching liner. And then pushing it even more, we have a vibrant lilac poncho with a fresh mint liner which will brighten anyone's day even in the worst conditions!


Out in the elements. The Explore 2.0 now boasts a 5000mm waterproof rating which makes life more enjoyable when changing out of the boot of your car, in the middle of nowhere when the rain has started to come down sideways, while you are toasty warm and dry on the inside. 


The 2.0 is shorter than its predecessors. Not by loads - its primary function is still a changing poncho and still comes in around knee length which is perfect for changing in. But the slight shortening is just enough to make it a little easier to change in, more versatile to walk around in, and also easier to wear on the daily as a coat when you want to rock it in the supermarket, maybe a spring BBQ or wherever. 


Let's talk about the liner. It’s super super soft and fluffy that it literally feels like you’re getting a hug from a bear; a friendly one. Because the liner is thicker but not a lot heavier, making the Explore 2.0 warmer which just adds to the cosiness of the poncho after a cold-water session. Add a hot bevvy into the mix and life is good in this poncho. 


The Explore 2.0 has a two-way zipper. If you know, you know. Having a two-way zipper is a game changer in the poncho changing realm. Get your wetsuit on more easily with that little extra give when you need it at the bottom, without compromising warmth (and modesty) up higher. 


It’s got POCKETS! The Deluxe Explore Poncho has pockets but let me tell you about THESE pockets. For starters, the external pockets on the Explore 2.0 have zippers, so your car keys are stashed away safely and you’re less likely to lose them. It's got two internal pockets, one of which is fleecy lined and super soft, and the other is a water-resistant zipped pocket with a hole for headphones. Basically, the Explore 2.0’s pocket game is strong. 


There you have it, the all-new for 2022 Explore 2.0 Poncho. Wear it here, there, and everywhere with loads of new features and softer than ever before! The only question is what colour would you go for? 


If you need more reasons to wear your poncho, check out Mystic's previous blog here.


Updated on 30th March 2022

Originally published on 25th March 2022 in Swimming

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