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We may be ‘Wetsuit Outlet’ but that doesn’t mean we’re not passionate about other sports that don’t involve water. We’re based in the UK and ship across Europe plus the US, so we know all too well certain countries and cities get epic snow. It’s why we stock thermal base layers! Well maybe we stock thermal base layers for sailing purposes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t rock thermal base layers when out on the slopes. Did we mention we have thermal base layers? Anyway, with the 2018 Winter Olympics almost upon us, there is no doubt you’re all feeling inspired to get out and embrace the insane powder which is guaranteed to be falling over your favourite mountain. Are we right? We think we’re right. And if you think we’re right, why not look at our ‘right’ choices picked for all your cosy needs.

However, before you decide on which thermal base layer is best for you, it’s important to note the difference between fabrics. There are two (well, three) materials predominantly used: Synthetic, Merino Wool (and Bamboo). Therefore, if you’re after a base layer which is quick drying, lightweight, will wick away moisture and is reasonably cheap, then a synthetic base layer is for you. However, if you’re after something warmer which has a softer feel against the skin, can retain thermal properties even when wet, is naturally antibacterial, breathable and has natural UV resistance, then merino wool is the way to go.

So, now that you know the benefits of both, let’s get cracking on choosing one.


2019 Helly Hansen Lifa Active Base Layer

One of the more iconic designs from Helly Hansen, this men’s long-sleeve base layer provides moisture management during aerobic activities and is ideal for skiing, climbing and sailing. Additionally, it can be used for everyday things – like walking the dog, backyard cricket during the winter and sitting cosily by the fire. Technologically speaking though, it’s quick-drying, extremely breathable and is super light for high-performance situations.


2019 Helly Hansen Ladies Comfort Dry 2 Pack Base Layer

When Helly Hansen claim it as their warmest thermal base layer, you know it’s going to be high in quality and super toasty to wear. Designed for all sports, professional athletes and enthusiasts recognise the quality behind the Lifa white stripes. Crafted with Lifa Stay Dry Technology and flatlock stitching, this 2 pack is a staple to your base layer wardrobe, and at an affordable price too.



Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Quarter Zip Top (Men’s & Women’s

If you’re like a lot of here at Wetsuit Outlet and like feeling warm all the time, then do yourself a favour and grab one of these thermal base layers from Zhik. It features a water repellent plush spandex fleece which will keep your body temperature at a reasonable heat in cold conditions. Furthermore, the added benefit is the quarter zip which allows for increased airflow and breathability when the heart rate starts to climb from all the insane skiing you’re doing.



2018 Henri Lloyd Thermal Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top

The ultimate high wicking thermal base layer, Henri Lloyd’s crew neck top incorporates a mechanical stretch and cover seam construction which allows for a permanent wicking and quick-drying performance. It also has a UV protection factor of 50. The design is elegant, which comes as no surprise, but it really is the outstanding features that make this thermal base layer a favourite amongst cold weather enthusiasts.


Don't be confused by the 'sailing category' where all our thermal base layers are located, for there are a plethora of other sports (besides sailing), in which you can gain the most benefits from a thermal base layer.

Written by Sam Quennell


Updated on 29th March 2019

Originally published on 31st January 2018 in Misc

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