Maryam El Gardoum in Morocco

C-Skins NuWave | Maryam El Gardoum

Maryam El Gardoum | Taghazout, Morocco
5 x Moroccan Surf Champ, treated us to a cross-stepping masterclass on home turf 

We connected with our friend and talented content creator, Bella Bunce, during her adventures in Morocco. Bella teamed up with Maryam - a five-time Moroccan Surf Champion and we invited Maryam to put the NuWave C-Skins wetsuit to the test. We asked her about her current endeavours, her reflections on life in Morocco, and her exciting plans for the future. Dive deeper into our conversation below.

1 - What sustainable practices or initiatives are you particularly passionate about, and how do you incorporate them into your daily life in Morocco?

I am passionate about sustainable practices such as reducing waste, conserving energy, and supporting local businesses. In Morocco, I make a conscious effort to reduce my plastic usage by carrying a reusable water bottle and shopping bag. I also support local farmers and artisans by buying locally produced goods and products. I believe that small actions can make a big difference.

2 - How do you envision the intersection of sustainability and the surfing community evolving, especially in coastal regions like Morocco?

The surfing community in coastal regions like Morocco has a great opportunity to lead in promoting sustainability. Surfers, being deeply connected to the ocean, can advocate for protecting the environment through activities like beach clean-ups and reducing plastic pollution. Surf schools and businesses can also play a role by using eco-friendly materials and supporting local communities. By setting an example and inspiring others, surfers can make a big impact on creating a more sustainable future for our oceans and coastal areas.

3 - How did the C-Skins natural rubber wetsuit feel? Did you enjoy wearing it?

I enjoyed wearing it very much as it was very comfortable, and practical and these are the most important points that I focus on when choosing my suits.

4 - As a prominent figure in Moroccan surfing, what do you think sets the local surfing scene apart, and how has it evolved over the years?

The local surfing scene in Morocco is unique due to its diverse and beautiful coastline, offering a wide range of surf spots for all levels of surfers. The country's rich surfing culture, warm hospitality, and vibrant atmosphere also contribute to its appeal. Over the years, the surfing scene in Morocco has evolved with the growth of surf schools, surf camps, and competitions, attracting surfers from around the world.

5 - Can you share any memorable moments or challenges you've encountered while championing women's surfing in Morocco?

In my early days, I faced many difficulties and challenges, such as the lack of support because I was a girl. Girls were often not allowed to participate in certain activities, as their place was traditionally seen as in the kitchen. Additionally, the lack of recognition of women in this sport was due to male dominance and control. Let's also not forget the challenge of obtaining necessary equipment.

6 - What advice would you give to aspiring female surfers in Morocco who may face barriers or obstacles in pursuing their passion?

Remember, you are capable of achieving your surfing dreams, and don't let any barriers hold you back. Stay true to yourself, keep pushing forward, and enjoy the incredible journey of surfing in Morocco!

Maryam wears the NuWave Womens 3:2 Element Wetsuit 

The NuWave Element is all about combining performance technology with unbeatable value. Along with natural rubber throughout, this wetsuit features our exclusive Recycled Xtend rubber in the shoulder and sleeves for excellent flexibility, a Super Seal Glideskin collar for peak comfort and Recycled Dura Flex knee pads for unbeatable durability. The Element is the best wetsuit on the market for anyone starting out their exploration of the sea.


  • Nuwave Natural Rubber Stretchy 85% Hevea Natural Rubber/15% Clorine-free synthetic rubber by polymer content
  • Recycled Xtend Natural Rubber upper body External - 87% Recycled Polyester, 13% Recycled Spandex / Internal - 100% Recycled Polyester / Black inner and outer linings are Dope Dyed
  • Recycled Free Flex Natural Rubber lower body / External - 100% Recycled Nylon / Internal - 100% Recycled Nylon / Black inner and outer linings are Dope Dyed
  • 3D pre bent Dura Flex knee pads External - 92% Recycled Polyester, 8% Spandex / Internal - 100% Recycled Nylon / Black inner and outer linings are Dope Dyed
  • Breathable Flatlock seams
  • Super Seal Glideskin collar
  • Seamless paddle zones
  • True Thickness
  • Back zip entry
  • Key pocket


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Imagery and video - Bella Bunce

Updated on 19th April 2024

Originally published on 20th March 2024 in Sustainability

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