Kids Safety Kit For This Summer

During the summer it's all about having fun down on the beach. However, if you have children and are looking to keep them protected from all the elements, it's wise to have them dressed in appropriate kit to keep your mind at ease.

In the video below Will goes through a few items which are pefect for keeping your chilidren safe - in and out of the water!

Crewsaver Life Jacket

Crewsaver continues to lead the way in lifejacket design and the pioneering children’s lifejacket range is no exception. Crewsaver’s complete range of children’s lifejackets are specifically designed for children, so whether you need something for general in-water play, dinghy sailing or even ocean sailing, there is a Crewsaver to suit.

Palm Fox 40 Whistle 

The Fox 40 whistle's three-chamber design with no moving parts can produce up to 110 decibels. Its sound can be heard well above man-made and environmental noise to attract attention in an emergency.

Gul Helmet

Ideal helmet for all watersports where impact to the head is a real threat, including sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing and wakeboarding

Gill Sunglasses

All Gill sunglasses are floatable, so if you drop them, all is not lost. They feature UV protection and 100% glare free polarised lenses specifically designed for use on the water.

Animal Onesie Swimsuit

Stay protected form the sun with the Animal Parla rash one piece.  Great for those summer sessions.



Shop our full safety accessories range here.


Updated on 5th July 2018

Originally published on 28th June 2018 in Misc

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