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Is SUP for everyone?

If you find yourself anywhere near the water this summer, be that the sea, a lake or a river, you’re guaranteed to see at least a couple of paddle boarders out there enjoying the sunshine. The sport has taken off massively over the past couple of years, and for good reasons too! Read on to find out why paddle boarding is the perfect sport for everyone this year…


Compared to other watersports, SUP is a pretty cheap sport, as you only really need a board and paddle. Brand new inflatable SUP boards are available for as little as £400, which includes the paddle, pump and bag, so with just one payment you’ll have everything you need to get you on the water. From there, it’s up to you how much you want to accessorise, but feel free to take a look at our SUP summer clothing checklist for tips.

Easy to get started

Once you have your board and paddle, the basics of the sport are pretty simple, so it won’t take you long to get yourself moving on the water. If you’re struggling to balance whilst standing and paddling, start off smaller – try sitting down and paddling first, then move to kneeling and eventually standing as you feel more confident. (Just because it’s called stand-up paddle boarding doesn’t mean you actually have to stand – we won’t tell if you don’t.) If you need any tips, here’s a handy guide to improving your SUP skills.

Easy to transport kit

Thanks to inflatable SUPs, it’s no longer necessary to have roof racks or a surf van to get your board to the beach. Your (deflated) board, paddle and pump will all fit into an easily transportable bag that you can chuck in the boot of your car or even carry down to the beach. Then all you need to do is pump it up and you’re good to go!


Worried that just paddling in a straight line will get boring quickly? One of the many great things about SUP is that there are so many ways to do it! Feeling competitive? Get yourself a race board and see how fast you can go. Live near the sea? Get to the beach with a wave SUP and test your skills in the surf. Still not challenging enough for you? SUP yoga will be the ultimate test of your balance on the water. Not scared of a night in the great outdoors? Strap a tent to your touring board and head off on an adventure – there’s some places you can’t get to by car, or that are just more exciting to explore by water. Got kids? There’ll be room for a little one on the front of your board, or put them on their own if they’re old enough. Have a look at our range of family favourites here.

Any body of water

Unlike surfing, you can enjoy paddle boarding without waves, so if you’re not living near the coast, it’s likely there’s a lake or reservoir nearby that you could take your board on instead. SUP is also perfect for days when there’s no wind at all, when sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding will be off the cards. If the breeze does pick up though, investing in a wind SUP will allow you to easily attach a sail to your board and head out for a windsurf if you fancy it.

Any body of… well, just anybody really

Paddle boarding can provide you with a really solid workout, particularly for your core, but if you don’t consider yourself to be very fit already, SUP is a great place to start. On a calm day, you can paddle at whatever pace suits you, sitting or standing, and adapt the sport to your own level.

So, what are you waiting for?


Shop our wide range of SUP gear, including paddles, boards and clothing now.

Not sure where to start? Have a read of our guide to choosing a stand-up paddle board , or give our friendly customer service team a call on 01702 295678 if you need more advice or any other questions answered!

Written by Eliza Tilbury

Updated on 1st October 2019

Originally published on 22nd July 2019 in SUP

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