Drysuit Accessories Guide

As you’ll know by now, drysuits are a hefty investment. Nonetheless, they’re an essential part of cold weather watersports. They provide 100% waterproof protection and allow enough space for multiple layers underneath, so even in that chilly English channel, you can still get some well-needed winter warmth.

However, it’s not over once you get your hands on a drysuit. There are a number of products that you may require in order to maintain it. Here we go through all the drysuit accessories you may be on the fence about getting, so you can decide for yourself whether you need them or not…

Dislaimer: This blog doesn't feature life jackets/buoyancy aids, which will depend on what you're using your drysuit for. To understand more about these, read our blog post here

Wash-in Cleaner and Reproof spray

Drysuits can lose their water repellence over time as dirt and salt break down the water repellent coating. If you notice that the fabric of your drysuit is absorbing rather than repelling water, you may want to invest in some cleaning and reproofing products to remove all the salt and dirt, and produce a repellent finish to the suit.

This Gill Wash-in Cleaner is just £7.95, and goes hand-in-hand with the Gill Reproof spray at £8.95. These will have your drysuit looking and feeling as good as new!

Alternatively, the Henri Lloyd Renew Twin Pack is available for just £6.


Thermal layering

A drysuit may protect you from the water, but without thermal layers, you won’t stay warm for very long! Whilst many of our drysuits come with an underfleece, if you purchase one that doesn’t you’re gonna need to snap one up asap.

The Typhoon Lightweight Underfleece is made from thermofibre fabric and is a great base layer, and at only £22.95, an absolute bargain!

The Gul Underfleece (£44.95) provides thermal insulation with a tailored fit and foot loop, making it very comfortable and preventing it from riding up.

Or for super soft, super stretchy fabric, the Palm Tsangpo Thermal Undersuit (£88.95) is so comfy you’ll never want to take it off!

If you don’t fancy an underfleece, you can also go for a thermal long john such as this GUL Evotherm one, or a thermal top and leggings like this Typhoon set.


Thermal socks

Thermal socks probably don’t need much more explaining. Keep your tootsies warm on the water with our range of lightweight, fast-dry socks from the top brands.


Neoprene Boots

Last but not least, a pretty obvious essential. Boots tend to be a better choice than shoes as they're more secure, sturdy and durable.

These Crewsaver 5mm Zip Boots or the Gul All Purpose Lace 5mm Boots are two of our favourites. They're warm, durable and feature high-grip soles. 

And remember, always go for a half or full size bigger than usual to make room for your thermal socks! 



To shop all our drysuit accessories click here.

Our drysuit range is available here.



Published on 16th October 2018 in Guides


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