Autumn Boat Safety Kit

It can be hard to remember all of the added essentials you need to stay safe at sail. But when you're offshore in the middle of nowhere with no chance of stopping by your local store, that's when you'll be wishing you had. Lucky for you, we're not the type to sit back and let your scream go unheard in the middle of the ocean. That's why we're written a list of all your boat safety essentials. Enjoy!


Mast floats

The purpose of a mast float is to reduce the chance of a sailing dinghy inverting following capsize. They’re available in various litres of buoyancy, and it’s important to ensure that you test your mast float to ensure it provides sufficient buoyancy to prevent inversion.

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VHF Radio

Every boat needs a Very High Frequency radio. And no, it’s not for listening to Magic as you sail down the coast! It has a number of purposes including summoning rescue services and communicating with marinas, harbours etc. Your radio should be waterproof and have a substantial battery life. Many other advanced features include noise cancelling technology, a Float’n’Flash function and an Integrated GNSS Receiver.

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Sailing harnesses are a must, and we can assure you that ours will provide support, comfort and the right fit for you. We also offer harnesses with quick release hooks, and our Gill Trapeze Harness comes in a Rescue Tool bundle offer.

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GPS Locators and Flares

Being at sail is all fun and games ‘til you’re lost in the middle of nowhere and don’t know what to do. We offer the most effective distress flares from the best brands which last as long as you’ll need them. We’ve also got PLBs (Personal Locator Beacons), floating searchlights with Man Overboard Technology AND emergency light navigation packs!

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Marine Tools and Knives

It’s not like us to encourage carrying knives, but when it comes to boat living, you may just need a few. Our selection are designed to be safe to carry at all times, but effective should you need them to cut through ropes and other strong materials.

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Life rafts

Yes, life rafts may be one of the most expensive pieces of safety equipment, but they’re also one of the most important. Life rafts are sometimes overlooked due to their price and the fact they are not mandatory for private pleasure craft under 13.7m in length. However, as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Life rafts will increase your chances of survival significantly in extreme circumstances. If you’re not going to be near the coast, emergency services or other boats at all times, it’s best to get one for peace of mind.

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Other necessities

Other key products for your boat safety kit include items such as key safes, torches, whistles and safety tape.

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Updated on 2nd November 2018

Originally published on 31st October 2018 in Sailing

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