Changing Robes - The Essential Surfing Accessory

If you’ve surfed in the winter before, you’ll understand there’s a moment of complete panic post session. It’s that little period where your upper torso becomes exposed to the chill whilst disrobing. There’s no escaping it either. Sure, you can try and disrobe your wetsuit faster, but we both know that’s a battle lost. So do yourself a favour and purchase a hooded surf robe/poncho. It’ll change your life! No really, it will. Never again will you feel regret for having a great surf because suddenly your nipples have hardened like cement swirling in water. Plus, they’re super comfortable, they give off the impression you rip for hours at a time, and they show you’re a decent person who’s aware of your surroundings.


2018 Billabong Indigo Hooded Towel / Changing Poncho – Was £49.95 Now £39.95

Soft on the eyes but more importantly on the body, the Billabong Indigo Hooded Towel is a classy addition to accompany your quiver. The indigo design (featuring blended blue watermark & white palm trees) subtly plays homage to a warmer climate where something like this probably isn’t a necessity. However, in the cold, this changing robe will keep you toasty warm pre and post surf.



2018 TLS Surf Hooded Changing Robe / Poncho Ethnic Stripe - £39.95

A little 'more funkier' design-wise, TLS are about bold colours and patterns, with their ethnic stripe being no exception. And although the warmth levels are on point with Billabong, this changing robe has slightly more features, including an inside pocket to hold stuff while getting changed. So if what you wear makes you happy, then get those smiles ready, as you'll be grinning ear-to-ear in this changing robe.



2018 Mystic Allover Poncho Mint - £52.95

The most expensive of the three but for good reason - it has a large kangaroo pocket. And given kangaroos are Australian, and Australia is an awesome place*, inevitably the Mystic Allover Poncho is going to be awesome right? Right. But in all seriousness this poncho is made from 100% polyester and is equipped with a large hood and wide-arm openings, so it's worth spending a little extra.

Mystic Allover Poncho Mint.jpg

*The writer of this blog might be completely biased as he may (or may not) be Australian.

Written by Sam Quennell


Published on 24th January 2018 in Surfing

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