5 Reasons to Invest in a Paddle Board

You can’t take two steps on to a beach without seeing a paddle board. That’s a fact. They’ve truly become a staple of the seaside, not to mention rivers, lakes, lochs, and most other bodies of water. Due to this quite sudden uplift in popularity, you’re now faced with quite the conundrum when looking to buy an inflatable paddle board. 

The choice is endless, with some SUPs even popping up at the middle aisle of a certain supermarket… To put your mind at ease, we have got together our top 5 reasons to invest in a more expensive paddle board. 

Now, this isn’t an exercise in upselling our own stock. We really care about your safety on and off the water, as well as the longevity of your board.  We understand that it’s an investment piece and one that should last a good few seasons of thrashing about on the water. As the saying goes - “A SUP is not just for Christmas”. 

Right, let’s get into it.



One of the key differences between a board at the lower end of the market and one that’s from a more established watersports brand, is the construction. Cheaper SUPs will usually have a single layer ‘dropstitch’, which relates to how the top and bottom skin of the board are connected via threads. This gives the board shape and structure. The issue here is that a single layer dropstitch produces a flimsy board that handles poorly on the water and can’t be inflated to higher pressures. 

It’s best to look out for the MSL core construction from RED Paddle Co. This will give you a solid platform for paddling, whilst ensuring that the board doesn’t split due to pressure build up. Trust us, this can happen. 



One of the best approaches to have when buying a SUP is to look for a board that can do a bit of everything. A ‘jack of all trades, master of most’ if you will. This means that you can easily pack up the board for a quick beach trip, fresh water adventure, weekend away, or even a spot of yoga. With a cheaper alternative, you’ll be pigeonholed into gentle paddles on flat swells, which is nowhere near as fun as what you could be doing.

If you’re unsure on where your SUP journey might take you, it might be best to give our expert team a call on 01702 295678. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


Spending a lot of money on a paddle board can seem daunting. But, it’s really worth investing in the long-term if you’re able to. Take the age-old bodyboard conundrum for example, with beachside tourist traps selling super cheap boards made from pretty terrible materials every summer. These are not made to last. They are an easy win to get your kids through a week in Cornwall and you’ll inevitably have to buy one again next year. 

It’s the same with SUPs. If you can invest in the long-term, look after your board and keep it in good nick, you’ll be able to get a load more use out of it. Simple. Then when you’re ready to upgrade, you can sell your board secondhand and put the money towards a newer model.

Brands like Red Paddle Co also provide a whopping 5-year warranty on their boards. That’s seriously great value!


This one’s pretty simple - If you buy a cheap board, it will come with even cheaper accessories. Take the pump for example, this is an essential piece of kit to get you out on the water. Investing in a more expensive pump will allow the board to be inflated to higher pressure, as well as saving you time on the shoreline. It’s the same story for the bag, which is a pretty vital piece of kit that can get chucked around quite a bit on your travels.

The best thing to do here is to look out for one of our paddle board bundles, which includes everything you need to get out on the water - A pump, paddle, bag, and leash. We’ve got some crackers from Red Paddle Co.



This one’s mainly for the parents. Paddle boards are a great way to get your kids out on the water, with them being so accessible, transportable, and plain old fun. But it’s worth noting that cheaper SUPs can also become dangerous due to their corner-cutting manufacturing processes. The main one to watch out for is a board rupturing at the seams when inflating, or poor acclimatisation to sun exposure.  

That’s why here at Wetsuit Outlet, we are proud to only sell from brands that produce high-quality, reliable paddle boards. As well as providing a wide range of bouyancy aids to suit any and all paddle enthusiasts.

And there we have it. A short rundown of why it’s best to invest in a more expensive paddle board. In the words of Red Paddle Co: “BUY WELL, BUY ONCE”.

Updated on 14th February 2024

Originally published on 4th July 2023 in Sustainability

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