Jonny Snow Surfers Against Sewage

370 Mile Solo Skate For Surfers Against Sewage

"Everyone told me I was crazy or it was impossible, which I knew wasn't true"Jonny Snow is a man on a mission. In fact, he’s just completed his mission – Skate for Surf. The dedicated 19-year-old from Southend-On-Sea, Essex has skated all the way down to Newquay, Cornwall, where he’s currently enjoying the surf. He clocked up 370 solo miles during his 12-day adventure – that’s some serious long distance skateboarding.

This YouTube video shows Jonny prepare, plan and pack for this epic adventure, which saw him skate though the typically unkind English weather.

"I'm not a hugely fit person and have never gone to a gym"A Marine Engineering student at the University of Southampton, Jonny used his Easter holiday to do this epic skate. We managed to have a quick chat with him when he was part way through his adventure and asked him what prompted the trip.

“The main reason is just to prove I could, you always see people on the news and Internet doing crazy things and are in awe of the adventures people go on, so I thought why not do one myself. When the idea came up everyone I mentioned it to told me I was crazy or it was impossible, which I knew wasn't true, and so that kind of fueled me to change people's perceptions. I'm not a hugely fit person and have never gone to a gym, so I set off to show what an average person can do if you put your mind to it”, explained Jonny. “Of course on the way I got the idea to raise money for SAS and so that become a big reason to continue and almost force myself to do it. And I can't believe how well the fundraising has gone!” he added.

Map showing Jonny's route

This map shows just how far Jonny is prepared to skate for a sewage-free surf.

"The main reason I did it is just to prove I could ... I can't believe how well the fundraising has gone!"Preferring to spend his time outdoors, Jonny’s hobbies include windsurfing, sailing, cycling and skateboarding, so it makes sense he wanted to support SAS, who protect the UK's oceans, waves and beaches. “Everyone is affected by the work these people do from enjoying a warm day at the beach to stopping sea and bird life dying from entrapment by litter or killed by chemicals dumped in the sea. Without the help of fundraising through activities such as mine and the many others that take place year round, SAS would not have the resources to continue making sure that our beaches are clean enough to enjoy taking part in the sports and activities that we love,” he said, talking of his cause.

Jonny Snow in Newquay

Jonny’s Skate for Surf Facebook page complete with videos and photos has kept us entertained through his awesome and often grueling trip. At one point the wind was so strong he had to push while skating downhill and he was often skating with absolutely sodden shoes and socks. It’s mighty impressive that not only did he complete the 370-mile skate; he did it in good spirits! Jonny set himself a fundraising target of £2,000, but he’s a little off – help him achieve it here.

Is this your kind of trip? Have you ever seen an idea through that everyone around you thought was crazy? We’d love to hear from you!

Main image credit: Jonny Snow

Published on 11th April 2016 in Skating

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