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2022 Ronix Cable Wake Collection

It’s springtime and the timber framed board rack you built in the garage is in need of a new season set up. You did just add the pipe insulation dowel dividers, after all. So let's dust off this year's Ronix catalogue and see what board and boot combo will be nestled alongside the point break inspired surfboard and the longboard you bought at uni and kept because you never know when you might want to skate fresh car parks again.


Starting with the boards and brand new for 2022 is the Peacock brothers' pro model; The Atmos. I’m not sure it comes with any of their combined power, but we can all dream. The Atmos has a first of its kind wood core running from the tip to the tail of the board providing superior strength and durability, as well as the perfect platform for those bigger ollies that you promised to work on next ride. The strength of the wooden core is balanced out by softer horizontal wooden strips that create side to side flex and feel when pressing. If you’re looking for a board that’s epic on rails, perfect for a transfer or two, and all season durable then join Liam and Ryan and jump on an Atmos.


Next we have the Kinetic Project Series, the Flexbox and the Springbox . The same board that comes in two completely different flex styles to match the way you like to ride. Both are designed with less rocker which means greater board speed across the water. Combine that with deep channels for extra edge grip, and those first warm up lap obstacle sprays have never felt sweeter. The Flexbox 1 has a soft belly with a rigid tip and tail. With the ends of your board on the more rigid side, you’ll get extra snap off a feature or an air trick and more rebound when popping off whatever kicker takes your fancy. The soft centre will flex to exaggerate your presses and also gives you a bigger sweet spot on rails. The Springbox 2 then switches that around. With a softer nose and tail and more traditional stiffer midsection, this flex set-up creates more of a locked-in feel on rails and when rebounding out of them. The tip and tail have the softest flex ratings in the Ronix line up allowing you to mystify the resident lake geese with the pressability of your… well… presses.


The fourth board to grace the collection is the Co Pilot park board. This one is on the more affordable end of the scale so perfect for everyone from beginner through to advanced riders who prefer a traditional centre flex with a softer tip and tail. Deep channels running on each side of the board will give you so much edge confidence even switch toeside will seem achievable. This great all round board is designed to help with stability, edging, releasing, and bigger ollies, so you can’t go far wrong with this choice.


If you don’t need to take such an aggressive edge into everything you do then check out Jamie Lopina’s latest creation, the Spring Break. With its loose skate-like flexi feel, this board will have you reinventing lines on your favourite park feature you didn't know were possible. The slight rocker, clean bottom design and soft tip and tail construction will have you pressing for days. 


So we’ve sifted through the boards, pictured ourselves ollying clean over that kicker and landing to blind, so now we just need to attach ourselves to our new whip. Luckily Ronix are renowned for making some of the finest wake boots available; a range that not only locks your foot in with the comfort of a koala, but secures you to the board with the strength of twin gorillas. First up you need to ask yourself what type of boot suits you. Do you like your toes open to the wind or prefer to keep them covered? Are you looking for a boot with a walkable liner, laces, a twisting Boa or super straps, the right boot is out there for you.   


Starting with the newest style; the Atmos boot comes with a removable walkable liner. Perfect for a cable park stroll, keeping your feet a little warmer during a winter shred, or hitting up that winch spot hand rail that you constantly talk about when walking by the river. The Atmos boot is a blend of walkable comfort and customizable fit with 3 super straps doing the work of laces. 


The clever team at Ronix have noticed that a women’s foot has different proportions, so have created a new boot specifically for the women’s range; The Rise boot. Using softer foam to create a perfect fit and a lower boot cut to create ultimate comfort and performance, this boot will mean you’re never calling last laps before your friends. 


We are now left with the big decision… what board set-up is going to be sitting in the wonky homemade garage board rack for 2022? Whatever type of rider you are and whatever level of board experience you have, your new Ronix goodies will have you improving your riding before you know it, landing tricks you didn’t think possible and most importantly loving your shred time out on the lake. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be smiling all summer. See you on the water.


Written by Watersports World UK.

Published on 19th April 2022 in Wakeboarding

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