Winter SUP Kit

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is often shrugged off in winter. It’s cold. Uncomfortable even. But it doesn’t have to be. If you’ve got the right kit, Stand Up Paddle Boarding in winter could end up being the best decision you’ve ever made.

Why SUP in winter?

Winter paddling might just be one of the best water activities out there and here’s why.

You avoid the crowds – whether your SUP style is touring on flatwater or catching waves with the surfers, you’re bound to get a whole body of water to yourself in winter.

Nature – why avoid that burning desire to adventure in the outdoors just because the temp’s dropped a little? All it takes is a bit of extra layering and we can enjoy the fun all year round.

Landscapes – there’s nothing quite like wintery mist and snowy landscapes. You won’t regret wiping the dust off the SUP board when you can relax alone, with just your thoughts and the frosty surroundings for company.


Winter SUP Clothing Kit List

Cold water wetsuit

Check our wetsuit thickness guide to discover the best type of wetsuit for the water you’re SUP’ing in. 


Alternatively, a drysuit can be worn if you’re a White Water paddler. They’ll protect you from the elements without restricting your movement, and will keep you warm for as long as you’re on the water. Drysuits have latex seals though, so ventilation is not an option. It’s important to wear the appropriate thermal layers underneath to ensure you’ve got the perfect balance of insulation!

Thermal layers

Whether you’ve gone for a wettie or a drysuit, if you’re paddling in winter you’re probably gonna want as much protection as possible. Stock up on as many layers as you need, but don’t overheat! A 5mm wetsuit may be enough for you, or you may need a thermal top and jacket aswell. It’s all down to personal preference, the local temp, and how well adjusted your body is to the cold!


Winter wetsuit boots or a quick-dry, lightweight shoe such as the Jobe Discover Water Shoe. Our winter wetsuit boots range from 5mm to 7mm, and paired with some thermal wetsuit socks you’ll be bound to keep your toes warm.  


Shop our collection of gloves, hoods and hats to keep you warm from head to toe.


Shop our entire SUP collection here.




Published on 8th November 2018 in SUP


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