Weekend sail

What to Pack for a Weekend Sail

Whether youíre sailing the Med or cruising UK waters, there are a few things you canít afford to leave behind on a weekend sail. Assuming your navigation charts and standard equipment are already arranged, hereís your checklist for the rest.

1. Soft Grab Bag

Hard suitcases are a nightmare to stow, so look for soft bags that fold away easily, like this one.

2. Food and Drinks

You wonít have much space to cook so bring pre-prepared meals or choose some simple recipes in advance. Stock up snacks, tea and coffee and donít forget a few beers!

3. First Aid Kit

This should already be on the boat but throw in some sea-sickness pills, mosquito spray and insect bite cream.

4. Bluetooth Speaker

Get a waterproof one so you can enjoy your favourite tunes without worrying about rogue waves.

5. Clothes

If youíre sailing in warmer climes you wonít need many, but remember it can get chilly out on the water so a windproof jacket could be very welcome. Other than that, casual clothes for evening and swimsuits are all you really need, plus unmarking shoes and a pair of flip-flops. If youíre staying in the UK prepare for temperatures to drop at night so think blankets, layers and waterproofs.

6. Sunglasses & Sun Cream

Pretty obvious but very important Ė you donít want to be caught out in the middle of the ocean with no protection. Gill makes some pretty cool glasses that even float. If you have short hair, weíd recommend a hat too.

7. Towels

Lightweight Turkish towels are ideal on a boat. They dry in minutes and double up as sarongs, headscarves, tablecloths, etc. The list is endless!

8. Waterproof Cases

Make sure your phone, laptop, camera or whatever else youíve brought with you is protected. Spending a fortune isnít necessary, hereís one for under a fiver. You can also get small waterproof bags to keep documents, maps and cash in as well.

9. Sports Equipment

Hopefully youíll have time for some water sports over the weekend so pack your wetsuit, goggles, fins and enjoy the water. Hereís a good snorkeling set to get you started.

10. Penknife & torch

Standard essentials but you never know when you might need them!

11. A Camera

Donít just rely on your phone; capture every moment of your sail with a proper camera.

12. Lifejackets

Hopefully already provided for you, but not something you want to forget. Stay safe and keep one on at all times. Havenít got one? Here you are.

13. Documents

Keep your passport and currency somewhere safe but out of sight. Remember that ATMs can be hard to find in more remote places and not every small business takes card payments, so bring small amounts of local currency with you.

14. Sailing Gloves

Depending how much sailing and line pulling you plan on doing yourself, you may want to bring along a pair of these. Theyíll protect your hands from rope burn, knocks and bumps and give you more grip. These ones are a bargain at £15.95.

15. Playing cards

A great way to keep you entertained with friends and family in the evening.

Go on, get packing!

Published on 23rd June 2016 in Sailing

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