Hot water being poured into Solite boots

How To Mold Your Solite Boots

Congratulations! You’ve just bought your first pair of Solite boots and you’re wondering how to mold them to your foot shape so that you can use the awesome benefits of having custom fit boots. If you’ve not yet bought yours, read this blog that will tell you 11 reasons why you need these boots.

It takes just 10 minutes to fit your boots and it’s really easy, we’ve broken down the simple steps below:

  1. First, boil some water in your kettle and pour into your boot to fill up to the line where the neoprene starts.
  2. Leave the boiling water in your boots for 5 minutes so the rubber can warm up before pouring it away.
  3. Then pour some cold water in your boots to cool them down a little but leave for only about 5 seconds this time before pouring out.
  4. If you have the knit or neoprene socks that come with the boots, put those on.
  5. Sit in a chair and put the boots on your feet. Give your feet a wriggle to make sure they are in place (If you have bought a pair without the strap and have a high arch, use a tennis ball under your arch to mold it to your feet better).
  6. Leave the boots on your feet for 5 minutes or until they have cooled down.
  7. That’s it! Once the boots are cool you’ve finished molding them to your fit and can start using them.
  8. If you need more help watch this video.


If after you’ve followed these steps you find your boots feel slightly too big, all you need to do is repeat the same process but without putting your feet in the boots, and then repeat the same process again but with your feet in as before.

Updated on 28th January 2022

Originally published on 2nd September 2021 in Surfing

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