Latest: Top Deals on 5/4mm and 4/3mm wetsuits

As the temp gets cooler, our wetsuits get thicker... Read article



In collaboration with Quiksilver & Roxy, you could be in for the prize of a lifetime...

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The Ultimate Guide to Surfing Around the World

Wetsuit Thickness Guide

The Ultimate Reference to Wetsuit Thickness

Our Buyer Reviews the Seasons Top Wetsuits

The Ultimate List Of Will's Watersport Favourites

Is this the Best Young Surfer Competition Out There?

The Ultimate Grom Surfing Competition

Chatting With Dryrobe Founder Gideon Bright

Keeping Surfers Warm & Decent

#VANLIFE Summer Trip Essentials

The Ultimate Summer Trip

How To Wax Your Surfboard

Interested in what an Australian has to say about waxing a board? Even if you're not, the accent alone will make you melt, or crin

Vague ŗ l'¬me - Interview with Director Vincent Kardasik

In the build-up to the epic Billabong big wave movie premier Vague ŗ l'¬me, I was given the opportunity to ask Director Vincent Ka

Rip Curl Wetsuits - Video Review

Wetsuit Will is back with another review. This time he's selected a few from Rip Curl's latest range...

Roxy - Trailblazing Under Sunburnt Skies

The trail blazer of womenís surfing, Roxy was formed in 1990 as an extension of Quiksilver, who at the time saw the untapped women

2018 WSL Tour - The Crop

Here we go again. The 2018 WSL Tour is about to kick off and itís going to be a one heck of a ride. The talent pool coming through

Cheers Mick

If the freezing weather last week wasnít depressing enough, Mick Fanning went and announced his retirement from competitive surfin

Quiksilver Original Wetsuit Review

The Quiksilver Original is exactly that - original. The monochrome washed effect oozes uniqueness which will undeniably separate y

Quiksilver Syncro+ Wetsuit Review

Have you blown all your money on a new surfboard only to realise youíre going to need a decent wetsuit to combat the dark depths o

Quiksilver Highline Series Wetsuit Review

That old saying ?practice makes perfect? is true on every level.

Quiksilver Highline+ Wetsuit Review

To be on top of your surf game, you need a wetsuit that isn?t going to hold you back.

Animal Lava and Nova Wetsuits Review

Animal takes a lot of pride in ensuring the wetsuits they create can handle all temperatures ? both cold and hot.

Quiksilver - Between a Mountain and a Wave

This week we're turning our attention to Quiksilver, in preparation for a lot of new product arriving here at Wetsuit Outlet. To e

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